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RE: [Kresy-Siberia] Polish refugees in Teheran

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  • Anne Kaczanowski
    These evacuees were moved April to August... that is not winter..and that is why my question. Zbigniew Bob Styrna wrote:v :*
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 1, 2005
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      These evacuees were moved April to August... that is not winter..and that is why my question.

      Zbigniew Bob Styrna <styrna@...> wrote:

      I think Tehran temps are hot in the summer but they get colder winters too.  But relatively speaking,  not anything close to the minus 50 degrees like Siberia .   Right now it is 52 degrees F. in Tehran . 


      I worked in Israel for 3 months in the winter months.  It was not hot everyday like I assumed.  There were cold days especially in the desert.  But I did not see snow luckily.


      Great pictures with excellent quality B7W�s .  I enjoyed them too.






      From: Anne Kaczanowski [mailto:annekaczanowski@...]
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      Subject: Re: [Kresy-Siberia] Polish refugees in Teheran


      These pictures in Tehran are great.  One question tho'.....many people seem to be dressed for winter....I thought the temps were very warm in Tehran .  I realize that many would have had winter clothing when they arrived.  I love the little sheepskin coats pics.  Can someone comment?

      Barbara Kwietniowski <kwietniowskib@...> wrote:

      Further to Julek's post yesterday:

      "Here is a photo site on Polish refugees in Teheran

      The author of this site has sent me the following information.  Most does not deal with Polish refugee history but would be of interest to history buffs and provides some background of the times and area.  Some interesting maps.  He writes:


      "The Polish Refugees page is part of our World War II history section.
      It all started when an American Soldier who served in the Persian Gulf
      Command contacted me. He sent his memoirs, newspaper articles and a
      large collection of stuff related to that time period:



      So we have also included a lot of US Army documents which are public
      domain. The only problem is they require a lot of space.

      It's probably worth a look. I discovered the Polish Refugee pictures
      along with the rest of the images from that time period."


      Barbara Kwietniowski

      Ontario , Canada



      "Dedicated to researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens
      deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War Two."
      Discussion site : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kresy-Siberia/
      Virtual Memorial Wall : http://www.aforgottenodyssey.com/memorial/
      Gallery (photos, documents) : http://www.aforgottenodyssey.com/gallery/
      Film and info : http://www.AForgottenOdyssey.com
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    • Andrew Stephen
      Hi Stefan, I can code html. // Andrew. To: Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com From: stefan.wisniowski@kresy-siberia.org Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 20:28:17 +1000
      Message 32 of 32 , Jul 3, 2011
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        Hi Stefan,

        I can code html.

        // Andrew.

        To: Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com
        From: stefan.wisniowski@...
        Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 20:28:17 +1000
        Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Booklist and HTML volunteer - was: Polish refugees in Teheran...to Stefan Wisniowski


        Hi Roma it would be a pleasure to add your book to our group reading list online at www.Kresy-Siberia.com

        We are looking for a volunteer who knows HTML coding to update this list, using information provided by member Krystyna Monka, who has been collecting loads of info for this list on books - old and new. 

        Could anyone with html web skills able to help please let me know?

        Many thanks in advance.  

        Stefan Wisniowski

        On 03/07/2011, at 13:38, "Roma King" <roma@...> wrote:


        Hi Stefan…tho’ I am not Teresa…I was at 3 years old in Isfahan and Teheran…and my Parents told me the story of our Escape from Siberia …and so I wrote a book…do look at www.roma-king.com  and I surely would love you to promote it also…everyone so far has loved it, and although I have just published it in Dec. 2009, I am on second printing…and have been asked to present my book in Minnesota, Milwaukee and Lansing Michigan, where I will be touring in September, and at the same time seeing more of my adopted country- USA…

        But I surely would love to promote it further…so why not?...do promote both our books please…the world needs to know what happened during the WWII , and Siberia and afterwards, when we could not return to Poland…

        Do read the reviews on www.roma-king.com


        With warmest regards,

        Roma King


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        Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Re: Polish refugees in Teheran



        Hi Teresa

        It's been years since we have been in touch. How are you? Is your book still in print? We would like to promote it to our members, of course.

        Stefan Wisniowski
        SYDNEY Australia

        --- In Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com, Hintzke@... wrote:
        > Hi,
        > A short answer to most of all your questions since I was one of the children
        > that came to Teheran in 1942 from Krasnovosk.
        > 1. The photo might have been taken in winter when it does get cold. And we
        > did were sheepskin coats. In Isfahan, where I was with 2000 other Polish
        > children, we did get snow at times.
        > 2. There were at least 3 camps in Teheran.
        > 3. People were sent to different locations: men and women of age were sent
        > to Iraq and Palestine for retraining. Children, most of them either orphans
        > or one parent who was in the army, were in Isfahan, Iran. Then there were
        > some sent to India, Uganda, South Africa, New Zealand and Santa Rosa Mexico.
        > I have written and published a book on my and my family's trek titled "Six
        > Years 'til Spring" A Polish Family's Odyssey. You can find out more about the
        > book on my web site:sixyearstilspring.com.
        > Teresa Mikosz-Hintzke

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