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RE: [Kresy-Siberia] Records for Dave

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  • Linder Carole Ladbrooke
    Dear Dave, Let me explain about the MOD, UK Until recently, it was a small 2-woman operation, ran from 2 wooden huts/offices in Hayes Middlesex, UK. When the
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      Dear Dave,
      Let me explain about the MOD, UK
      Until recently, it was a small 2-woman operation, ran from 2 wooden huts/offices in Hayes Middlesex, UK. When the Polish-Gov-in-Exile' broke up, most of the 'interesting to us' information' was taken by the 'Public Records Office' in Kew, London, UK [www.pro.gov.uk - where you can see the type of records they hold, but not actually read it, you have to write or go there]. MOD is now housed in an old airfield at Northolt, UK They have at last, a warm brick building to work in. There are still the same 2 faithful ladies that have been there for ages, with a wealth of knowledge between them. They had much less enquiries before I opened my big mouth to K-S about them. They work many hours UNPAID overtime to help us as quick as they can. The 'order of spending' by the British Gov conciders giving them extra staff/computers etc - a very low priority, compared with many other things [like medical/education/law etc]. Please bare with these ladies and give them time for replies. This information, I know, is very important to us, but, if your grannie needed an operation urgently, where would you prefere the money to be?
      [on behalf of two  very good friends of mine]  
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      Thanks Joyce
      There is no doubt if one is persistent enough one can crack open the nut.   I just thought that in the case of the UK Ministry of Defence that there was no point in re-inventing the wheel as far as the bureaucracy is concerned.   It seems to me that there are so many people within this Group attempting to obtain military records of the Polish Army in exile that the process could be streamlined with a contact or contact within the MOD (understanding where we are coming from).  Just making it a lot easier (preferably with modern means of communication such as we have here).
      Anyway I am very happy for you that you managed to get the info that you were seeking.  And yes indeed it could inspire others to follow your lead.
      Dave Lichtenstein
      Sydney, Australia

      joyce kelly <joyjoykelly@...> wrote:
      Dear Dave,
      I can only explain how I was able to get notification that we have a living relative in Poland (we thought none had lived through WW2).  I don't know if you want this type of information but I will post it because it might help someone else.
      I live in the United States, but I was trying to help my friend in England find out if he had any relatives in Poland.  His dad Pawel had been in the Polish Army and exiled in England and never spoke of his trials getting out of Poland at age 17, and  he never located any relatives after WW2 that we knew of.  Pawel passed away in 2000.  But we had his Polish Army ID card from Italy 1945, and his Polish Resettlement Documents from England 1947.  The Army ID card listed his parents names (although misspelled) and the Resettlement Document listed his last home address in Poland. 
      About 3 months ago I emailed the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington D.C. asking for help to locate relatives at  www.polandembassy.org .  A week or so later I received a reply from their office with two websites to try.  One site was all in Polish so I couldn't use it; the other was for the Institute of National Rememberance in Poland (which offers an English version) www.ipn.gov.pl/index_eng.html .  
      On the National Remembrance site I went to the Branch offices link and found one for Katowice (which was the "county" of Pawel's hometown of Swietochlowice)   There are 10 Branch Offices throughout Poland.   The Branch office of Katowice had no email address to contact so I wrote a simple letter in English explaining that we were looking for relatives of Pawel Regula.  I used Polish words for  listing "Mother's name", "Father' name" etc.  I  listed his last home address and other information like that.  I included printer copies of his Army ID, his Polish Resettlement Documents, and his only photo of some of his siblings that he brought out of Poland with him. 
      Then months went by without hearing anything.  And then four days ago the postman came to my door and had me sign for a certified letter and it was a letter from the Consulate of Poland, all in Polish.  Other than the names I couldn't read it.  But Krystyna from Canada translated for us and it said that they found one living brother!  So we are excited. 
      I hope this will help someone in some way.  Even if nothing else than to not give up and know that even with 55 years gone by it is possible to find a relative in Poland.  Oh, and you have to pray a lot for help.

      Dave Lichtenstein <kipkarren@...> wrote:
      Dear Group
      how difficult it is for an individual to obtain records from the bureaucracy (in this case the UK Ministry of Defence).   I have experienced similar difficulties with the Polish Ambassador to Kenya.   It is certainly made more difficult when one cannot use modern means of communication such as e-mail.    However as a thought and this must apply to the UK MOD where so many of the Group are approaching them for similar records ie member of the WWII Polish Army in Exile.   If some one has been successful in obtaining records - perhaps they can share it with the Group.  
      Dave Lichtenstein

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