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Re:Information about Kresy & the Deportations

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  • Elizabeth Olsson
    This is the information I have on the (ONLY) English translation of the Kresy books: Stalin s Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland, Tales of the Deported
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 14, 2001
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      This is the information I have on the (ONLY) English translation of the
      Kresy books:

      "Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland,
      Tales of the Deported 1940-1946"
      ISBN 1 872286 88 7

      Price £15.00 incl. postage in UK
      (postage Europe £3.00, outside Europe £5)

      Aavailable from:

      23 Coleridge Street
      Hove, East Sussex BN3 5AB
      Tel 01273 772234
      Fax 01273 772236
      E mail : printing@...

      If you look at the home page

      you can read;
      - the foreword written by the translator Eric J. Whittle (co-author
      Bronia Kacperek)
      - introduction written by Janina Stobniak-Smogorzewska "The Fortunes of
      the military settlers during 1939-45"
      Both of which I assume are included in the book.


      > Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 12:44:26 +1000
      > From: Stefan Wisniowski <swisniowski@...>
      > Subject: Re: Information about Kresy & the Deportations
      > Paul and Ed
      > There may be a slight misunderstanding on here about the Polish and English
      > versions of the books from the Association of the Families of the Borderland
      > Settlers. I also went through the same confusing process earlier this year;
      > perhaps I can help.
      > I believe that Elzunia's recent e-mail explains it, but in case it was not
      > clear, there were 2 books in Polish - one dealing with the inter-war period
      > (1921-40), one with the deportation (1940-46). Both books were combined
      > into one English book, but the English book only took on the 2nd books title
      > (1940-46). I believe that what the committee did was combine the memories
      > of the settlements with the memories of the deportation into the same
      > articles. Whilst I have not done a page by page comparison, I believe that
      > the bulk of the English book is from the 2nd Polish book. For example, many
      > of the stories start in 1940. But several also have a few paragraphs on
      > life before then.
      > So, in short, the English book, while brilliant, likely does not include all
      > the material of the 2 Polish books - especially abridging the first,
      > inter-war book. There is certainly no point in seeking a separate English
      > translation of the 1921-40 book.
      > Elzunia, have I finally got this right?
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      > Stefan Wisniowski
      > Moderator, Kresy-Siberia
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