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Re: [Kresy-Siberia] Comments on Bill Maher yesterday: US "helping" Eastern Europe

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    Hi Eve, Great job Eve! Could not be said any better. Romuald ... From: Eve5J@aol.com Date: Saturday, November 6, 2004 11:28 am Subject: [Kresy-Siberia]
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      Hi Eve,
      Great job Eve! Could not be said any better.

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      From: Eve5J@...
      Date: Saturday, November 6, 2004 11:28 am
      Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Comments on Bill Maher yesterday: US "helping" Eastern Europe

      > Dear Group:
      > Below is an email I sent to Andrew Sullivan, a normally right-wing
      > blogger
      > who was a guest on the HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher"
      > yesterday. Try to
      > watch this week's Bill Maher if you can.
      > Pozdrawiam,
      > Eve Jankowicz
      > USA
      > -----
      > Andrew:
      > I wanted to let you know that you were incorrect and entirely out
      > of line
      > regarding the United States coming to the aid of Eastern Europe.
      > As you know
      > Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland began World War II in 1939.
      > Simultaneously
      > Poland was invaded by the USSR on her long Eastern borders. Not
      > one single
      > country came to Poland's aid to help its citizens fight off this
      > dual slaughter,
      > and Poland was almost annihilated. Then began the long war years
      > of oppression,
      > deportation to Siberia of millions of its Eastern citizens,
      > incarceration,
      > starvation, enslavement, and wholesale murder of Poland by both
      > the USSR and
      > Germany. When the entire city of Warsaw rose against the Nazis,
      > the Russian army
      > (at that time our allies) watched as the city was destroyed,
      > starved, and
      > murdered. Again the world watched and did nothing, giving the
      > Russian army a
      > free pass to do what it would, which in this case was nothing.
      > During the war Poland served and gave valiantly to the war effort
      > as both an
      > ally and for its own freedom. This service was without parallel.
      > Men and
      > women served bravely on many fronts: in Poland's own Underground
      > Army, with the
      > Polish Forces Under British Command in Europe and elsewhere, and
      > with the
      > Soviet Army fighting the Nazis from the East. This is just the
      > tip of the iceberg
      > regarding what Polish citizens did for the war effort and how they
      > suffered.
      > And what was Poland's reward? 1). Its soldiers were prevented
      > from
      > participating in the Victory Parade in London because Stalin would
      > not allow this.
      > Roosevelt and Churchill capitulated to his demands, and this was
      > just one of the
      > many times that this occurred. 2). Its Eastern borderlands were
      > given to
      > and made part of the USSR, and, 3). Poland, with the rest of
      > Eastern Europe,
      > was promptly HANDED OVER in its entirety to the USSR. Poland just
      > emerged from
      > the USSR's yoke in 1989.
      > This was a total betrayal by the allies, of which this country was
      > a leading
      > member.
      > Eastern Europe, and particularly Poland, were the recipients of
      > and received
      > the brunt of the war as far as destruction of society and actual
      > warfare. All
      > of Eastern Europe was served as one of the sacrificial lambs of
      > World War II.
      > I suggest before you shoot your mouth off, know your subject
      > matter. The
      > United States was complicit in allowing these events to occur.
      > Our "helping
      > Eastern Europe" would be laughable if it wasn't so disgusting an
      > opposite reality.
      > Eve Jankowicz
    • Julian S. Plowy
      Bert, The problem was and is today France and other countries are looking for their self interest at the expense of the general population around the world.
      Message 45 of 45 , Nov 16, 2004
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        The problem was and is today France and other countries are looking for
        their self interest at the expense of the general population around the
        world. Some people call it appeasement I call it something else. Below is
        small section of a well written historical book (The Deadly Embrace) on what
        led up to Hitler's rise in power. The blame is not that Poland was not
        prepared. The blame is that none of the "POWER" countries took steps to stop
        a mad man before he gained power and then they gave lip service to their
        treaties. At this time these same countries were well prepared to defeat
        Hitler. The same is going on today. Very few of the "POWER" countries are
        trying to stop terror. Many are supporting terror behind each others back.

        "When Hitler in his first months as Chancellor took Germany out of the
        international disarmament conference and then out of the League of Nations,
        Britain and France remained silent. They did nothing, either, in early 1935,
        when he took back the heavy industrial region of the Saar, on Germany's
        south-western border with France, which had been detached from Germany in
        1919 to be administered by the League of Nations. And when, on 16 March, he
        denounced the disarmament clauses of the Versailles treaty and restored
        universal military service in Germany, they made indignant protests, but
        again did nothing. Their reaction to Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia that
        year was exactly the same - a great deal of noise but no action.
        Soviet hopes for Anglo-French involvement in collective security rose when
        both the future British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden, and his French
        counterpart, Pierre Laval, visited Moscow for talks in April and May 1935
        respectively. The French even signed a mutual assistance pact with the
        Soviet Union - but significantly the drafting of the military agreement
        needed to make any assistance effective was postponed until later, and in
        fact was never completed.
        A year after this, on 7 March 1936, Hitler made his boldest move yet,
        testing the Allies to the limit by sending German troops into the Rhineland,
        which had been declared a demilitarised zone in 1919. Since this placed his
        growing army to the west of the Rhine and immediately alongside the border
        with France, even Hitler's own generals believed the French could not
        possibly ignore it, but were bound to react violently. Hitler himself was
        apprehensive enough to order that the occupation was to be aborted at the
        first sign of opposition from the French army on land or the British Royal
        Navy around German ports. In the event, neither made any such move.
        Appeasement had become the rule".

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        From: Bert Bakker [mailto:bert_bakker41@...]
        Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 2:40 AM
        To: Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: [Kresy-Siberia] Re: Who to blame for not stopping Hitler

        --- In Kresy-Siberia@yahoogroups.com, HJ Trevelyan
        <hjtrevelyan@s...> wrote:

        > ...recognizing that both England and France behaved without honor
        > in not living up to their treaty obligations. That's all I
        > require: admitting that they acted without honor.
        > Halina
        > Los Angeles

        It is quite something to accuse nations of acting dishonourably.

        Just as Poland was not sufficiently prepared for war, Britain and
        France were not able to respond militarily to the German attack
        against Poland on 1 September 1939.

        Before sitting in judgement, let us reflect upon the harsh facts:

        Besides declaring war against Germany, France and especially Britain
        could do little more after the Germans began their invasion of
        Poland. At least the two latter countries stood by their treaties -
        unlike Germany and the Soviet Union which both had non-aggression
        pacts with Poland.

        This lack of military preparedness was borne out that when France
        itself was attacked by Germany a year later, it was overrun quickly,
        and the British expeditionary force was evacuated hastily at
        Dunkirk, in order to prevent annihilation.

        Should we, considering the reality of the day, expect that
        nations that were so ill prepared for war should have gone on a
        suicide mission in an attempt to rescue the Poles so that afterwards
        people could stand up and say that they 'acted with honour'?

        Bert Bakker
        South Africa

        "Dedicated to researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens
        deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War Two."
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