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RE: HA: [Kresy-Siberia] Ossetia hostage taking

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  • Zbigniew Bob Styrna
    Russians have been deporting Polish people to Siberia for many generations prior to WWII. So yes, people in Russian with Polish sounding last names like
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      Russians have been deporting Polish people to Siberia for many generations prior to WWII.  So yes, people in Russian with Polish sounding last names like Czajkowski, etc. could most likely be Polish of deportees.  I have an old picture, dated in the Austro-Hungarian times of Polish men being marched in a blizzard into Siberia by Russian Soldiers prior to WWI (yes World War One).


      After all, Lennin or Stalin did not invent the Gulags of Siberia. The Russian Czars used the Gulags, slave camps for centuries to deal with people they occupied, did not like, political opponents. After overthrowing the Monarchy in 1918, Lennin simply continued on using the thousands ‘efficient’ Prisons Gulags scarred all throughout Russian endless wastelands.


      My relatives that were deported to Siberia did not have to build their own ‘barracks’ in Siberia.  Someone else was imprisoned there prior to them There were ‘accommodations’ waiting of them in the deep Siberian forests on Feb 10, 1940.


      For many Centuries, the Russians liked to capture and imprison young children, (boys) and train them to be Russian. This is no surprise is it?  I have a friend that is what happened to him.  The Russians shot (executed) his father after the war in 1946 and deported him (10 yr. old) from Poland into deep Russia (Siberia) to live in an orphaned home where he was trained to be a Russian.


      In modern day times we simply increase the number of refugees and immigrants quotas if we want to increase our country’s population and work force.




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       Just a curious question.

      Wouldn't a Pole living in Russia rather live in Poland,..... if he had a choice?  I realize  circumstances sometimes dictate where you must live and as we all know not everyone has a free choice in this.

      If not all Poles in Russia are descendants of deportees....then how did they end up in Russia in the first place?   


      Dear Anne.



      Once more: my English is bad. Sorry, if I don't understand something.


      Some of Poles want to come back in Poland. But Polish goverment find for repatriates only Poles from Siberia, Central Asia, and Transcaucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbajzan; not Ossetia! not Chechnia!)


      And some of Poles feel themselves Russians now.


      Second question.


      What about Czajkowski (Chajkovski), Dostoiewski, Glinka, Strawinski, Szostakowicz (Shostakovich), Gogol, Ciolkowski and other "Greats Russians"?

      They are descendants of deportees too?




      Sergiusz (Central Russia)



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