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Re: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] Simple breakfasts

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  • mary wiltz
    Tank you for all the rember i Love hole cake you made my day ... From: Talea Ranker Subject: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] Simple breakfasts
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      Tank you for all the rember i Love hole cake you made my day

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      Subject: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] Simple breakfasts
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      Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 8:38 AM

      My grandmother made and still makes what we call a hoe cake, but we have since found out it's not actually what most people think of as a hoe cake, it's more like a huge fried biscuit.  She uses self rising flour now, but she used to use all purpose adding the salt and levening, I can't give exact measurements, but what she did was make a batter, sorta like a slightly thick pancake batter, she had her cast iron skillet hot with a good amount of veg. oil in it, prob. about an inch ( her mother used to us lard), make sure the oil was hot, then she poured the batter into it, let it fry up really good, once it started to bubble around the edges and firm up a bit she would lift the bread up check to see if more oil was needed if it did, she added a bit more, then she would flip the whole thing over using a spatula or two and fry the other side.  When the bottom was good and cruchy and the center cooked through she would call us in and we would break off pieces of it.  (She was told as a kid it was bad luck to cut it, or to cut cornbread so we always just tore off chunks.) Then we would put a little butter on top and I personally love it with sorgum.  My brother went for jams and jellies.  We would also top it with honey or syrup.  My grandfather and father had a prefrence for cane syrup - I personally couldn't get past the smell. lol  We never drenched it like a pancake, just kinda drizzled it on.  Still one of my favorite breakfasts. I guess this is more like a fry bread than a hoe cake, and it make sense as my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. :) We just always called it hoe cake. lol (which are small corn meal pancakes and are good too) 
      One of the things we do here for a quick and simple breakfast is just to make a big huge pot of grits.  I heat the water to boiling and follow the directions on the box.  I use plain water, but on special occasions will use milk - or add a little powdered milk for added calcium.  While I pour in the grits though I always stir while I'm adding to keep it from getting lumpy.  Some times I'll add some cheddar cheese for the kids or what ever cheeses I have left over.  I also sometimes will scramble a few eggs and make a homemade scrambler like they serve at Krystal's with what ever left over meat I have that I've heated up. (I do this in individual bowls so I can refrigerate any left over grits.) Add a little salt, and pepper, butter if you are eating it plain. 
      Leftover grits - put them in a loaf pan, smooth the top out as flat as you can wrap in plastic wrap and stick in fridge.  Next day - slice the loaf, dredge the grit patty into a little egg, dip in a little seasoned flour, and fry in hot skillet with a little veg. oil.  Serve with syrup, honey, and whatever.  I have also had this at dinner with cooked sweet Italian sausage and peppers.  Grits and polenta are the same thing after all.  Be careful while handeling they can fall apart easily if they aren't cold enough or weren't quite thick enough.  Lovely good eating.  If you want them soft again just heat a little water in a pot and add the grits to it, stirring often, and checking for desired thickness. Do not leave this alone on the stove.  (Leftover oatmeal can be reconstituded this way also.)

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      Subject: [Kraft-Meals- Made-Simple] Does anyone have a simple recipe to share

      With money as tight as it is, I am sure everyone can agree that going to the grocery store is a nightmare instead of a joy.
      I am almost going to ask about depression recipes or what your mother or grandmother made during the depression times.
      Can anyone share?

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