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besan burfi

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  • uma narendar
    besan burfi Ingrediants   Directions 1 cup besan 1/4 tbsp cardamom powder 1/2 cup ghee 2 cup grated coconut 1 cup milk  to taste roasted cashew nuts 3 cup
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      besan burfi
      Ingrediants   Directions
      1 cup besan
      1/4 tbsp cardamom powder
      1/2 cup ghee
      2 cup grated coconut
      1 cup milk
       to taste roasted cashew nuts
      3 cup sugar
         In a heavybottomed vessel or Kadai, mix all the basic ingredients together and mix well with a spoon until they are evenly mixed.
      Keep the vessel ongas on low heat and keep stirring continuously.
      Sugar would start melting and the mixture will become little dilute.
      Keep stirring for 10-15 minutes until the mixture leave the edges of the vessel.
      At this point of time you can add ghee little by little and keep stirring the mixture and add the cardamom powder as well.
      Ghee is just for the flavor and for the sweet to be bit soft.
      The more you add, the more it becomes soft.
      The mixture should be removed when it leaves the edges of the panand at the same time slight bubbles will appear in the mixture.
      Emptythe contents to a greased plate with ghee, and spread it evenly flat with a flat spoon greased with ghee.
      When it is slightly cold (not fully cold), cut into desired shapes.
      All the cut pieces of the sweet can be removed when it is fully cold and transfer them to a closed container
      groundnut dry chuny powder
      Ingrediants   Directions
      1 springs curry leaves 
      1 cup dry coconut kopra grated 
      10 - 15 0 dry redchillies kashmiri 
      1-2  small garlic 
      250  grams groundnuts or peanuts 
       pinch hing if strong see and add 
       to taste jaggery 
       to fry oil 
       to taste salt 
       0 tamrind [ a lime sized ball ]
         clean and roast groundnuts ,garlic , dry redchillies , kopra, curry leaves , and also tamrind so it becomes easy to grind in a blender and fry hing in a little oil and then put in a mixie and store in air tight container this can be kept in a fridge also so it retains its freshness . 
      Recipe Tips 
      roast hing before adding and also the tamrind too and roast all evenly    goes well with hot rice , rice roti , chapathi, idlie and dosa 

      cucumber soup
      Ingrediants   Directions
      1/2 small cabbage
      2-3 number cucumbers
      1 tsp lime juice
      1 tsp milk
      1 number onion
      1 number potato
      1/3 tsp salt
         Wash the potato and slice it into thin pieces, with out removing the skin. chop the Onion into fine pieces. cut the cabbage into small pieces.  scrape the cucumber and Slice into thin pieces.
      Put the thin potato pieces into 4 cupsof boliing water, when it becomes soft, add the Onion pieces after 5 more minuits, add milk add cucumber pieces. remove from fire, And keep coverd for 5minutes. then add lime juice and salt and serve.
      coconut toffee
      Ingrediants   Directions
      1 tsp essence
      2 cup grated coconut
      250 grams milk
      1 pinch salt
      2 cup sugar
         Put grated coconut,sugar, salt, milk and essenceinto a vessel. keep the vessel on low Fire. Go on stirring till the mixtuer becomes very sticky and leaves the side of the Vessel.
      Smear aplate with ghee and put the mixture over it. spared evenly and let it cool.
      cut into any desired shape and serve.

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