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6482Re: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] Safety issue

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  • Jessica A
    Feb 28, 2009
      we use pasturized eggs when we make egg nog...they are safe and you dont have to worry about samonella. And they taste the same. The brand we get is from the davidson farm. And find them in the egg section in a clear carton.

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      Subject: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] Safety issue

      My friends, as an RN with 30+ years experience, I do want to remind
      everyone that raw eggs are a no-no where safety is concerned. If you
      are making home made mayo, egg nog etc., I highly recommend an egg
      substitute. Salmonella grows quickly in raw egg and can be lethal to
      the very young, old and the sickly.
      Amber in FL
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