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5162Re: [Kraft-Meals-Made-Simple] New Roll Call - Share a Simple Dinner Recipe

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  • Christel Webb
    Feb 10, 2009
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      Hi all

      I am Christel and I live in New Zealand. My favourite eats are SALADS!!!!
      They are quick, simple and very nutricious. Just put a couple of different
      kinds of shredded lettuce on your plate, add sliced or dices fresh tomatoes,
      may be halfe a bell pepper, some sprouts, couple of spoons of chick pease
      straight out of the can and anything else that tickles your salad fancy and
      don't forget a tsp of fresh chopped herbs out of your pot garden and a good
      filler like quinoa or potatoes or rice or 2 slices of whole meal bread.
      Drizzle with your favourite dressing, fry some fish or steak or chop or
      hamburger and enjoy it.
      With half hour walk per day and this salad you WILL loose weight if you want
      to, just keep your portions small.

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