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  • uma narendar
    Jul 14 12:12 AM
      Kacchi Ghosht ki biryani
      2 kg chicken
      For the marinade:
      2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
      1 tbsp of black pepper, ground
      300 gms curd
      ¾ cup golden fried onions, crushed
      1 tbsp shah jeera
      ¼ tsp ground saffron
      juice of 3 lemon
      A bunch each of coriander and mint leaves
      5-6 green chillies, slit
      2 tsp garam masala
      For the rice:
      1 ¼ kg of rice, soaked
      ½ cup of milk
      1 cup of oil and ghee mixed
      7-8 cardamom and cloves
      few broken pieces of cinnamon
      salt to taste
      1 tbsp shah jeera
      Wash the chicken and add all the marinade ingredients to it and keep aside for 2-3 hours. Boil water in a vessel, add cardamom, cloves and few broken pieces of cinnamon to it. Strain the soaked rice and add to the boiling water. Now add salt to it. Cook until the rice gets softened. Strain the rice and keep. Take a heavy bottomed vessel, grease it with ghee and put the marinated meat into it. Add rice on top. Add the oil and ghee mixture and a pinch of saffron. Add milk, lemon juice and some crispy fried onion. Now seal the vessel with a foil and cook on maximum heat. When steam starts escaping from the vessel, lower the heat to medium and cook for 40-45 minutes.
      Dum ka murgh
      2 kg chicken
      ½ kg curd
      250 gms almonds, ground
      1 tbsp garam masala
      ½ tsp saffron, ground
      1 cup crispy fried onion
      1 ½ tbsp ginger garlic paste
      2 tsp red chili powder
      1 ½ tbsp salt
      Juice of 2 lemons
      ½ cup ghee
      Bunch of coriander leaves, chopped
      Bunch of mint leaves. chopped
      Add curd, almond paste, garam masala, saffron, salt, fried onions, ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, lemon juice, ghee and coriander and mint leaves to the chicken. Mix it well. Take ghee in a lagan and put the chicken mixture into it. Cover and cook for 45 minutes. Serve with sliced onions and lemon wedges.

      4 eggs; 100 gms butter; 1 tsp vanilla essence
      2 cups sugar; 1 cup flour
      6 tbsp coco powder
      3 tbsp drinking chocolate powder
      Chopped walnuts (optional)
      Rum (optional)
      Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Grease a square baking tin with butter and line with baking paper. Pour in the brownie batter and bake in a preheated oven at a moderate temperature (approx. 120 degrees Celsius) for about 20 minutes or until a skewer/fork poked into the centre of the cake comes out clean.
      Cool and turn out of tin.
      Cut into chunky bars and enjoy.

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