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  • n.laffette10
    Jul 31, 2010
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      The Hamptons area offers an extremely luxurious and delightful getaway on Shelter Island where you will find great shelter to enjoy that well earned vacation after a long and hectic working schedule. It is a well accepted fact that a Shelter Island vacation cannot be matched by any other town in the NY State! This is one place where you can thoroughly enjoy a pseudo European vacation and feel that you have really traveled to the "old country" recreated to amalgamate with the modern world! The hustle bustle of the New Yorker's lifestyle is left behind yet you can see the stretch of Long Island to still feel that you are at home. If one is a honeymoon couple there is no place other than this romantic hideout away from the rest of the crowd. The luxury is truly magnetic and you realize that one can still enjoy the royal flavor without the treasures needed to live "king or queen" size. In case one is living in the northern states of USA Shelter Island would be an ideal place to spend a week or two and come back totally refreshed for another working session.

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