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Lieberman Boosts Gore's Ratings...

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  • edward s beck
    From The Jerusalem Post http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2000/08/13/News/News.10830.html Lieberman boosts Gore s ratings By Janine Zacharia WASHINGTON (August 13)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2000
      From The Jerusalem Post


      Lieberman boosts Gore's ratings
      By Janine Zacharia

      WASHINGTON (August 13) - More than half of US voters feel more favorable
      toward Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman because he
      is an Orthodox Jew, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll released

      Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gore received a
      boost from his selection of Lieberman as his running mate this week, but
      still trails Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush heading in to
      the Democratic National Convention, which opens in Los Angeles tomorrow.

      According to the survey, Bush has a 9-point lead over Gore among
      registered voters.

      Asked whether the fact that Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew made them feel
      more favorable or less favorable toward him, 51 percent said more
      favorable, while 16 percent said less favorable, and 33 percent had no

      Lieberman received high marks for being the first prominent Democrat in
      Congress to publicly criticize Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky sex
      scandal, with 75 percent of the 876 voters polled saying they felt more
      favorable toward him.

      Two-thirds of voters also approved of his support for a limited test of
      school vouchers, which would use tax money to help low-income parents pay
      for their children to attend private or religious schools. Fifty-seven
      percent, however, said Lieberman's vote to keep late-term abortions legal
      made them feel less favorable toward him.

      In what is being billed by Democrats as a less-scripted convention than
      the Republican convention in Philadelphia, the Gore camp is hoping the
      four-day party in Los Angeles will help Gore catch up to Bush in the

      Jewish groups have planned a slew of events, the highlight of which is a
      party co-sponsored by AIPAC, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and
      United Jewish Communities at Sony picture studios tonight. Two thousand
      people are expected to attend the event, where President Bill Clinton
      will be the featured guest.

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