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2[jewsinharrisburg] Jews in Harrisburg List Serve Pass It Along...

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  • edward s beck
    May 9, 1999
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      Jews In Harrisburg is growing every moment. This exciting new list serve
      is something you want to share with your friends. I hope that by the time
      we have completed loading it up every Jew in Harrisburg with an email
      address will be able to post and access news and view instantaneously
      simply with the posting of an email and the press of a button. Please
      pass this along to your organizational and temple leaders, as well as
      your friends, family and neighbors.

      We can use this forum anyway we chose...to share notices of programs and
      services. express ideas, advocate positions, solicit minyons and help.
      Every Jew in Harrisburg can avail themselves of communicating with every
      other Jew in Harrisburg now, simply by subscribing.

      The possibilities are awesome and endless. Sign up your friends, leaders
      and neighbors.

      All you have to do is to send this email to your friends with an
      endorsement and tell them to simply rely to


      They will automatically be on the list.

      To post a note yourself to other people currently on the list, available


      simply write your note and send it to <JewsinHarrisburg@egroups.com>

      All subscribers will automatically get it...

      Here is your fast and inexpensive way to make yourself known and heard to
      every other Jewish person in Harrisburg who subscribes to this list.

      Those of you with extensive lists of email addresses of Jews in
      Harrisburg, send them on to me at esb1@... and I will load them into
      the listserve and they will receive notification just as you have.

      Incidently, there are rules for this list serve:

      1) Any issue is fair game to discuss. Individuals are not. Personal
      attacks or denominational attacks will not be tolerated. As manager of
      this listserve, I reserve the right to purge a subscriber engaged in
      personal or denominational attacks.

      2) Please keep discussions relevant to Jewish topics and issues, although
      tangential issues facing the Jewish community as Diasporan or Israeli
      Jews are certainly fair game.

      3) Please, no jokes on this list serve. Others of you have enjoyed
      BeckNet Yuks and DeepThoughts, but this is not the place for jokes, just
      good communal discussion.

      4) Civility must be respected at all time. Children may subscribe to this

      These are pretty fair rules... I reserve the right if things get heated
      or prolific and I start getting complaints about overload to moderate and
      manage postings which means I can manage the flow of correspondence, but
      cutting, pasting and mergiing in digest form.

      B'shalom all....

      Ed Beck

      Dr. Edward S. Beck, Director, Susquehanna Institute
      East Shore Medical Center, 2405 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA
      <www.susquehanna-institute.com/> < www.delphi.com/dredbeck>
      "These are just my opinions...I could be wrong" Dennis Miller

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