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Salve Shuttles

I can't understand why Salve is being given such a hard time about these student shuttles. They already use 15-passenger vans. It seems to me that if they are
Brian R
Aug 26

Our City's Leadership Decision - Benefits vs Risks

Our City's Leadership Decision - Benefits vs Risks I think it's time to say it openly: Newport needs a new city manager soon, and can't wait until 2016-2017.
Mike Cullen (via Google Docs)
Aug 22

Re: Newport's Hipster Side - idea for Cranston Calvert

Newport needs hotel rooms and condos and the Broadway is a perfect spot for them! Near the harbor and Bellevue with restaurants and other amenities nearby to
Aug 22

You might like this classroom request from TMS

!! Gates Foundation is offering a matching grant this weekend while monies last !! - Mike Cullen Take a look at what Ms. Hansson wants for her students:
Mike Cullen
Aug 22

Re: Newport's Hipster Side - idea for Cranston Calvert

Mike, Spot on about the need for condos and hotels in the Broadway area, e.g. the Foley property. The Mcmenamin brothers have the right idea, mixed use in
Aug 21

Re: Newport's Hipster Side - idea for Cranston Calvert

We sure could use some condos and a hotel in the Broadway area. There is much potential for the city to actively cultivate a look and feel for the Off Broadway
Mike Cullen
Aug 20

Newport's Hipster Side

Thought everyone would enjoy this New York Post about Newport's hipster side. Highlights different, younger aspect of the Newport brand. All the Best, John
Aug 18

Some of RI's Best Teachers work at Rogers HS

Good report from an independent source. I am not a big fan of standardized testing, but there does appear to be some consistency
Brian R
Aug 11

Will Atlantic City become the Innovation Hub for Resiliency?

Oh my goodness, City of Newport's council members! Here's a global architecture and design firm that has re-imagined Atlantic City's future as an Innovation
Mike Cullen
Jul 31

Update: RI's first radio chat with an astronaut in orbit gains impor

All Saints STEAM Academy’s Int’l Space Station Radio Contact Gains Important Approval The first ground-to-space radio contact to ever take place with a
Mike Cullen
Jul 30

SENEDIA announces STEM scholarship winners

Exciting news. Thank you SENEDIA for helping to build a much needed STEM/STEAM Talent Pipeline. Mike Cullen ============ *SENEDIA announces STEM scholarship
Mike Cullen
Jul 29

Support Teacher & STEM Education at Pell School!

* I got this today from one of my favorite education charities, DonorsChoose * I'm not sure why our school leaders embraced "early STEM" without providing
Mike Cullen
Jul 23

RI Jobs: "Gov Raimondo Says RI Could Make Cyberattacks a Job Gene

Headline: /*Gov Raimondo Says RI Could Make Cyberattacks a Job Generator. cyber meeting */
Mike Cullen
Jul 17

Wed's meeting with engineering team and city street flooding:

Re: Tonight's meeting with the engineering team and street flooding: * It may be for those who have been hurt by flooding (and those likely to be hurt in the
Mike Cullen
Jul 15

"2016 Newport conference to highlight Greater Newport STEM education

Sorry for the fictional headline, but perhaps this will become a real headline in 2016 ;-) The real headline is actually "San Diego conference highlights
Mike Cullen
Jul 12
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