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RI "economic resiliency" -- via coding; but NEA RI remains "AWOL"

Girls who Code" founder Reshma Saujani gave a heartfelt 'giddyup' speech at the weekend 's governors conference in Providence. There are many important
Mike Cullen
Jul 16

Senate District 13 candidates - What's your view on girls/boys and R

*Hello Senate District 13 candidates *-- Right now there are 750+ unfilled cyber jobs in our region. If elected, what's your specific plan to ensure that
Mike Cullen
Jul 14

Middletown Generating More Boutique Hotels/ Condo Revenue With Newpo

Newport's management team are all high character
Jun 30

Empty Nester and Millenial Magnets Plus Tax Revenue Redux: Revenue G

Here below is what Newport needs for revenue generation and that is luxury brick condos with in ground parking, rooftop pools and gyms. Also I viewed Councilor
Jun 26

More Girls in STEM Means Improving STEM Teacher Training (Stanford)

_To Newport's many Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), including our own Newport teachers union :_ In a Rhode Island that carefully avoids having any top-down
Mike Cullen
Jun 23

Empty Nester and Millenial Magnets Plus Tax Revenue

​Boston is one of the top ten most dynamic cities in the world. Now Newport needs to change. We need to start thinking about luxury, brick low rise condos
Jun 21

Got "Communications Resiliency"? These 5th graders earned some

5th graders * * All Saints STEAM Academy’s Aedan Lara-Smith and Ryan Marsh taking the FCC exam June 10th. They received their FCC licenses on Monday. **
Mike Cullen
Jun 20

Newport teachers plea for help with unruly students (NDN)

* Hi - It's Newport "math time" o over 5,200 behavior problem referrals this year to either a dean or the main office ? o on Tuesday, we were 166 days (or
Mike Cullen
Jun 16

Management_dispute_adds_to_problems_at_Newport=e2=80=99s_historic Is

(1) Thank you Newport Daily News leadership and reporter Derek Gomes for running the story "Management dispute adds to problems at Newport’s historic Island
Mike Cullen
Jun 11

Urgent: Army operations tonight - old Naval hospital area - loud noi

Thursday night, Newport residents may hear low-flying helicopters and explosions around the former naval hospital complex in the north end of the city. This is
Mike Cullen
Jun 8

STEM ?? > RI's ESSA State Plan Posted + Pell STEM Fair tonight

1. ***Reminder:** * 3rd Annual STEM Fair, Pell Elementary School - Newport, Thursday 6/8/2017 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM =============================== /2.
Mike Cullen
Jun 8

Boston is Top Ten in World Then Newport Needs to Embrace CHANGE! Par

Here is the URL for business article proclaiming Boston, the ninth
Jun 7

If Boston is Top Ten in World Then Newport Needs to Embrace CHANGE!

I was just reading a business article where Boston was rated as one of the top ten up and coming cities in the WORLD one of a few US cities in top twenty. Yes
Jun 7

Broadway: A Goldmine of Potential Tax Revenue Overlooked Completely!

The hard working council and city manager are pulling their hair out trying to make municipal ends meet. Looking at every possible cut and new source of
Jun 3

Breaking down barriers inside Newport ( a grade 6 example)

It's rare for Newport students of color to get to know local engineers who look like them and can relate to them. Thanks to seven engineers and mathematicians
Mike Cullen
Jun 3
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