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Texas Wind During Peak Demand

Very interesting. Wind power subsidies have frequently been blamed for depressing power prices in certain locales, and making nukes non-competitive. Texas has
Jim Hoerner
Aug 26, 2015

Radiation Hormesis Petitions for Rulemaking - Public Comments Reques

Three petitioners request that the NRC abandon its LNT theory of radiation protection in favor of a model which would have higher dose limits (e.g. 10 REM per
Jim Hoerner
Jun 29, 2015


A submerged submarine should be okay. Otherwise things don't look too good. On May 6, 2015 8:53 AM, "harryh@... [Know_Nukes]"
Robert Kopp
May 6, 2015


Can we protect ourselves from it?Would a deisel pick-up truck start after being exposed to emp?Would a submerged navy nuclear submarine be ok after an attack?
May 6, 2015

Year-long ISS mission, 240 mSv

I recently saw this news item about a US astronaut who is starting a year-long mission on the International Space Station. U.S., Russian crew blasts off for
Mar 28, 2015

Forbes: The Fukushima Disaster Wasn't Very Disastrous

"The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March of 2011 was a disaster of epic proportions û over 20,000 people died, over 300,000 left
Jim Hoerner
Mar 17, 2015

Ontario Power Rates

Wow, Ontario's electricity rates are really affordable compared to the US. 8.5 cents per kWh (Canadian currency, presumably) according to
Jim Hoerner
Mar 10, 2015

Nuclear Iran - We Are Being Sold Out

Nuclear Iran - We are being sold out: http://the-american-catholic.com/2015/03/03/we-are-being-sold-out
Mar 3, 2015

The 2015 Energy Quiz (Forbes)

Are you an energy genius? ItÆs hard to tell whether or not Americans are really aware of the energy that controls our lives and our future. The following
Jim Hoerner
Jan 21, 2015

How does a cycltron work?

I saw one on Mysteries at the museum tv show. It was at the Oak ridge science museum. Regards,Harryh.
Jan 19, 2015

Vermont Yankee Shuts Down, Cape Wind Loses Funding

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant ceased power production at the end of December. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Begins Slow Process of Closing
Jan 12, 2015

'Twas the Night before Christmas

Best wishes for Critical Masses and Merry Christmases to all y'all! 'Twas the Night before Christmas with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore... 'Twas the night
Jim Hoerner
Dec 24, 2014

Fw: VIDEO: Embrittled nuclear reactors can shatter like glass

A silly "science education" video about reactor vessel embrittlement... http://www.fairewinds.org/nuclear-crack/#sthash.bS6ELtzD.lvg3w8pU.dpbs Expertly
Know_Nukes Relay
Dec 24, 2014

Our iMSR's by ~2021, hints Canada's "Terrestrial Energy Inc" (YouTub

Before Apple even think of suing this interesting "Nuclear 2.0" company (eg, for iMSR), let me admit: I formed the Apple-like name, from the company's "IMSR"
Nov 24, 2014

New file uploaded to Know_Nukes

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the Know_Nukes group. File : /Intro talks
Nov 23, 2014
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