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  • Hi guys: Sorry I've been MIA from the group. I started a new job which requires a ton of travel (I have had some good knitting time on airplanes though). I'm attaching a notice for an event that takes place tomorrow in Union Square. I went last year. It's a little chaotic but fun to see so many people enthusiastic about knitting. I'm hoping to see you all soon. Cheers, Peter New...
    Peter Criswell Oct 1, 2005
  • Finding common thread: knitting gets hip By Kristina Goetz High resolution photos and text-only Knit1.jpg Steve Maslow, a 44-year-old investment banker, joined "Boyz Night" at Knit New York in Manhattan after he lost a bet. (Ivan Karakashian/CNS) Knit2.jpg At Knit New York in Manhattan, "Boyz Night" draws a couple dozen guys for beer and knitting every Friday. (Ivan Karakashian...
    Peter Criswell Mar 24, 2005