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  • Peter Criswell
    Oct 1, 2005
      Hi guys:
      Sorry I've been MIA from the group. I started a new job which
      requires a ton of travel (I have had some good knitting time on
      airplanes though). I'm attaching a notice for an event that takes
      place tomorrow in Union Square. I went last year. It's a little
      chaotic but fun to see so many people enthusiastic about knitting.
      I'm hoping to see you all soon.

      New York City, Sunday, October 2 nd
      Seventh Annual Knit-Out & Crochet
      Noon to 5 p.m., Union Square Park (17th Street between Broadway and
      Park Ave.)

      * FREE one-on-one knit and crochet lessons
      * Fashion shows for people and dogs!
      * "Show & Share" your favorite projects
      * Yarn projects for kids
      * Meet the authors and chat with editors.
      * Technique and tip demos
      * "Yarn Doctors" answer your crochet and knit questions
      * Displays of the latest yarns, patterns, tools and accessories
      * Learn about guilds, classes, clubs, and charity programs
      * Beyond the Basics -- Technique tips after you have mastered the
      basic stitches

      Plus, help Warm Up America! bring a 7" by 9" crocheted or knitted
      section, which will be joined with others to make a patchwork afghan
      for someone in need.
      Sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America in cooperation with the
      Big Apple Knitters' Guild, the New York Chapter of the Crochet Guild,
      The Knitting Guild Association, Crochet Guild of America and The
      National Needlework Association.
      For more information e-mail: info@...