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  • Vanessa
    May 26 11:03 AM
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      Hello Gentlemen!

      Boyz Nite is in Astoria this week! The Knit is closed Friday night,
      so i thought the Bohemian beer Garden in Queens would be a great
      place! Take the N/W to the Astoria Blvd stop and walk up 31st st
      (it's the one with the train tracks over head) Take a left onto
      24th Ave and it's on your right!

      the site gives directions as such

      Subway # N to Astoria Blvd. (one stop before the last - Ditmars
      Blvd.). Walk 1 block to the intersection of 24th Avenue and 31st
      Street. We are located between 29th Street and 31st Street.

      if you don't like czech food, Elias is on the corner and has some of
      the best fish in all of Astoria! no menu, they just tell you what
      the catch of the day is, and ask how you would like it prepared.

      so 9pm on friday night. i'll have balloons or something so you can
      spot me, the place is huge! if the weather is bad, we can sit

      If you need yarn and you are in queens, i recommend two places on
      Ditmars. Of course i would rather you buy from the KNIT, but
      sometimes you are in Rome and have to do as they do.

      take the N/W to the Ditmars stop and take a right onto Ditmars.
      walk up and you will find 2 shops. both sell fabric, yarn and good
      old fashioned craft shop supplies.

      Lamia Fabric and Variety is on Ditmars and 30th St. the owner's
      name is Lami and he's open until 7:00 on fridays. the yarn is in
      the back of the store and he is super helpful. if you get lost, you
      can call him at 718 204 9115


      Fabric Center on Ditmars and 36th. David is the owner and open
      until 6:30 on Friday. all the yarn is on the right hand side of the
      store and he has all kinds of accessories. ph # 718 777 0182

      good luck gentlemen!