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Can't believe I am wearing a Klara finally!

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  • patty_altaffer
    Well..I just finished my Klara! I still have to weave in the final ends and maybe add a few more stitches to the back v to close it up a bit more.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2005
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      Well..I just finished my Klara! I still have to weave in the final ends
      and maybe add a few more stitches to the back "v" to close it up a bit
      more. Unfortunately I have digital camera issues beyond my control so I
      don't have pics..but have to say it looks pretty much like everyone
      else's!! No surprises. I did my in SG #84(the reds, pinks, greens,
      black, etc mix).

      Just some notes for anyone starting theirs:

      Size Made: 46 bust using the errata instructions
      My size: I am an actual 36D bra size but I think I currently measure
      about 44" around in bust measurement. I wear beween a 12-14 tops and
      bottoms. I have lost alot of weight over the last few years and still
      am shrinking. The Klara fits me not too tight and not too loose..just
      enough looseness all around for my taste..and it fits right to my hip
      level. The sleeves are nice and drapey. Perfect for me!
      I weigh 200lbs(yeah, I'll admit it..just for the other "plus size"
      gals to know how it fits!)

      Skeins used: just about 12 skeins total..I only have bits left after
      sewing it together

      Needles used: Denise interchangables size 9 ( my gauge was off...it was
      spot on height wise but not width but I went for it anyway figuring it
      was just me. I don't know if it the size needs or the way it came
      out..but the garmet is somewhat "see through"..I will probably wear an
      undershirt under it so my bra is not seen..the fabric is not stretched
      taut or anything..just hanging loose across my bust, I can see my
      bra..hmm..no biggie though.

      Adjustments to pattern: only adjustments made to pattern is the sleeve
      length. I am just barely 5'5".I shortened it in the stockinette part
      of the sleeve by 2 inches. I think the sleeve would have measured 29
      inches and when I tape measured from my wrist to midline..it was around
      27..so that is what I did..I wanted the sleeve to be longer than my
      wrist so when I hold my arms down, it falls to just at my
      knuckles..perfect length to not look too short or too long.

      Silk Garden does have lots of woodsy bits which I picked out as I found
      them..but it still does feel a tiny bit scratchy against my bare skin
      but it already softened up with one wash in woolite..so i am sure it
      will be fine with a tee shirt under or turtleneck.

      So..now that SPring is here and Klara made her debut..she will get
      folded up and put up until the Fall most likely except for an
      occasional chilly night before then here in Napa..

      Anyway..it was easy..my first knitted sweater now complete. I am
      tempted to make colorway #8(the beautiful blue hues in the pattern
      picture) and our LYS has some new SG colors I have never seen that are
      also tempting...This was too easy and I say go for it!!

      Have fun!

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