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Kiwanis Family Updates

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  • Midge Lubot
    NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT KIWANIS FAMILY UPDATES MIDGE K. LUBOT March 30, 2012 Please send all announcements to by Thursday. All new
    Message 1 of 290 , Apr 5, 2012

      March 30, 2012

      Please send all announcements to <events@...> by Thursday. All new announcements will be shown in blue each week, the announcements in green are for the District or Int’l. Events, the announcements in orange are for the Key Club, turquoise is for Circle K, purple is for the Builders Club, pink for the K-Kids and the announcements in maroon are for the Aktion Clubs.


      Thank you!


      Best Man Tom’s Service Project

      Grants (up to $200) are made possible from the “sale” of lobster pins and pendants.  All proceeds will go toward start up funds for a service project organized by any of the Service Leadership Programs (Aktion Club, Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids) sponsored within New England and Bermuda. 

      Club Name: ________________________________________________

      Address: __________________________________________________

      Submitted by: (contact info) ___________________________________

      Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of: ______________________________

      Project Name: ______________________________________________

      Project Description: (What is the purpose of the project?  How will this project directly impact children within your community?)

      Anticipated Project Costs: (Please list projected costs and any other assistance you will receive to help you with this project)

      Amount requested:

      As part of this grant, the Club will be asked to send to the District a follow up report on how the project turned out.  It is possible that some clubs will be asked to attend a conference in the spring to share the success of their project.

      Send form request to:
      Ed Murphy, SLP Team Leader
      Meriden, CT 
      Or by email: <nedkptreas@...>


      Governor’s Passport Cup
      Time Frame: October 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012
      (See attached form)
      (For the top winner a Cup with the club’s name inscribed
      to be held for a year and ribbons for 2nd & 3rd)

      Awarded, to the top three clubs, that has visited as many other clubs in the district, as well as outside the district. This is done at the club you are visiting appointed meeting time, and maintaining a record of the visit in the excel passport document.

      To encourage participating in this award all a club needs is at least one member visiting other club to qualify, but the more members in a visit the better. A diary of what you learned, new ideas and what you have learned about someone new should be kept in a “Word” document to share with the district at the annual district convention session on interclub.

      A visit by a district officer does not count unless they bring another member. All passport interclubs’ would be documented on your passport form and retained. On a periodical basis (January, April, August) send your excel (passport) form to the chair so we can post the results. The diary should be sent to the chair July 31st to be compiled for the conference. The host club for any meeting does not get credit for an interclub.

      If you have any questions contact the Chair:

      Len Longs
      District Chair for Interclubs



      April 9, 2012

      The Kiwanis Club of Barre (VT)will be hosting its annual Honors for Scholars Dinner will be held at the Canadian Club; Rusty Dewees will be the featured speaker, dinner will be $16.00 per person.

      April 10, 2012


      The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield is again undertaking their annual literacy challenge. The club is sponsoring a town-wide book drive that runs from March 26 through April 10, 2012. It will involve the collection of new and gently used books that will be donated to Read to Grow Inc., for distribution to Connecticut communities in need, to encourage literacy, joy of reading and most importantly to promote early language development. Read to Grow distributes over 100,000 books annually to less fortunate households at no charge. These books should be appropriate for children of all ages up to the 8th grade reading level. Please go through your closets, attics and basements and see what you can donate to help underprivileged children. Collection bins will be placed in both branches of the Fairfield Public Library and all the town’s public schools (K-12) as well as several of the town’s private nursery schools. The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield has found this cause to be an excellent way of involving the entire family in giving back to the community while also encouraging literacy on a town-wide level. Last year, the residents of Fairfield donated over 8100 gently used books to this cause. For additional information or to locate a collection bin please contact Tove Vanderblue at 203-255-4716 or Betsy Browne at 203-256-3090. For more information on the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield and the many causes they support please visit <www.fairfieldkiwanis.org>.

      April 11, 2012

      The Division 21 Caucus will be held Wednesday, April 11, and will be hosted by the Lee Kiwanis Club at the Cork ‘n Hearth on U.S. 20. Social hour will be from 6:00 – 6:45 PM, with dinner served at 6:45. Meal choices are chicken parmigiana or baked scrod. A vegetarian choice will also be available. The cost is $19 per person. Please RSVP with your dinner choice to Lee Club Secretary Bette Flood <antbwink@...> before April 1.

      April 12, 2012

      You’re Invited

      Division Six Caucus
      Thursday, April 12, 2012
      6:00 PM 

      Strafford Farms Restaurant
      58 New Rochester Road
      Dover, New Hampshire

      $18.00 Per Person
      Dinner Service – Choice Night of Event
      Payment the night of the event please…

      RSVP by Friday, April 6, 2012
      Dan Witham
      Lt. Governor Division Six

      APRIL 13-15, 2012

      Key club district convention will be held in SPRINGFIELD, ma

      April 14, 2012

      The Soprano’s Last Supper (From the producers of Joey and Marie’s Wedding)
      April 14 2012 - 7:00pm
      Knights of Columbus
      48 Schoosett St
      Pembroke, MA

      The Kiwanis Club of Marshfield (MA) in association with Dillstar Productions™ presents the Baritone family in a wild satire of the smash-hit series about the culture of an Italian-American Mafia family. The show, which includes full dinner and dancing, has the audience sitting in on the Mafia commission, getting inaugurated into the “family,” and gambling with laundered money.
      Tony Baritone, a.k.a “T,” leads wiseguys, “The Feds,” and the “goils” into a whirling and hilarious plot. His wife, Carmela, knows he is unfaithful and his children are growing apart from him – but “The Don” struggles to regain closeness with his family and avoid getting “pinched.” Guests will enjoy a wonderful night full of eating, dancing, singing, and many surprises!
      Ticket Price $50.00 per person includes an Italian Dinner catered by David Crest Caterers
      Family-Style Meal:
      Crisp Caesar Salad with Garlicky Croutons
      Baskets of Garlic Bread & Butter
      Chicken Cacciatore
      Penne in Marinara

      To reserve a ticket - Email <president@...>

      April 15, 2012

      the new england board of directors will hold their meeting on Sunday at the key club convention.

      April 19, 2012

      If YOU have had Cancer, or if you HAVE Cancer, or if YOU have a Family member who has or had Cancer, or if YOU have a friend who has or has Cancer, then please join us at the Kiwanis Club of Meriden’s annual “Tea Cup Auction Dinner” on Thursday evening, April 19th, 2012. Help us “Strike Out Cancer.”

      Thursday, April 19TH

      The theme this year is “Strike Out Cancer.” To stay with the theme and have a good time, we thought it would be fitting to wear your favorite team’s jersey or hat, etc, or just come dressed to go to a winning game!

      April 21, 2012

      Kiwanis one day

      Each year Kiwanis International chooses a day for all clubs, or Divisions, to do a community service project. It's called Kiwanis One Day. This year the date is April 21st.
      Would those of you, who are doing a project this year, and we encourage you to do so, please send me a synopsis of what you are planning on doing?
      In the beginning of March, I intend to print a list of Clubs or Divisions and their respective projects.
      This is a great opportunity to do a real hands on project, not just write a check for the benefit of your community. Let's see how creative your Club or Division can be, and please let me know about it. This requires a lot of teamwork. Go Team Kiwanis, Go!

      Dick England, Member
      Kiwanis International Kiwanis One Day Committee

      The Kiwanis Club of East Boston (MA) is celebrating Kiwanis One Day by cleaning up Belle Isle Marsh. 

      State of Maine Regional Conference
      Saturday, April 21st 8am-3pm
      Camp Sunshine, Casco Maine
      Cost $30 per person includes Breakfast and Lunch
      Rooms are available for $59 per night
      CLE Training will be offered at this session

      For more information, contact Lt. Governor Sharon Binette at <sbinette59@...>
      Or cell at 207-590-7781

      MAY 5, 2012


      Of course, there’s the usual documented information about the Kentucky Derby. What you may not know is there is an undocumented anecdote about hat-wearing individuals whose brains are already warmed under the hat and, therefore, ready to make winning bids on the races. I’m sure I heard that from my old granny sometime during my life.

      So where can you wear your hat…guys and dolls…and win prizes on the ponies??? At the Second Annual Marshfield Kiwanis Kentucky Derby major-come-one-come-all event occurring at Buythecase.Net Conference Center located above The Tavern restaurant which is behind Roche Bros grocery store. Fun and frolic begins at 1PM when the horses races will be begin for your viewing and betting pleasure. There will be, free food, cash bar, Mint Juleps, hats, lovely ladies, raffles, and a hat competition….where else will you find so much to do on May 5? Don’t forget… the hat competition comes with much sought-after prizes.

      The Kiwanis Club of Scarborough (ME)
      26th Annual Kiwanis Fishing Derby
      Saturday, May 5th 9am-2pm

      Where: Bayley’s Campground
      Pine Point Road, Scarborough

      Cost: $2.00 per child
      Must also bring non-perishable food item

      Prizes will be awarded

      Come have fun bring the whole family!!
      For more information, contact Sharon Binette, sbinette59@...

      The Regional Conference for parts of NH will be held on May 5TH from 8am till 4pm at Manchester. The cost of the conference registration is $30.00. You can register on the front page of the New England District website <http://www.newenglandkiwanis.org/>. 

      MAY 7, 2012

      Kiwanis Club of Fairfield (CT) Hosts Third Annual Golf Outing

      The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield is seeking players, sponsors and supporters for their Third Annual Golf Tournament to benefit The Bridgeport Rescue Mission and Kiwanis charities. The event will take place Monday, May 7, 2012, at Tashua Knolls Golf Course in Trumbull, CT. Lunch and dinner will be provided as well as the opportunity to win a New Car for a hole in one, sponsored by D’Addario Buick, GM Cadillac.  There will be raffle prizes and a silent auction. The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield is dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate in the greater Fairfield area. For more information, please call John Hackett at 203-543-2697, Dirk Vanderblue at 203-545-8620 or visit <www.fairfieldkiwanis.org>.

      May 14, 2012

      Good morning Fellow Kiwanians:

      AIA Connecticut is pleased to sponsor CANstruction again this year, our twelfth year of providing the outreach program with students working with architects to fight hunger. The tentative date for the build will be on Monday, May the 14 at the Convention Center in Hartford again this year. I believe there are seven teams that have already committed. The structures will be up for about 10 days and I don’t have the date of the awards presentation yet but would guess it would follow the build by about a week. Again this year, the cans will go to the food bank geographically closest to the school.

      We would love to have the Kiwanis’ family support again this year and do hope you will consider it. The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield has generously provided much support over the past number of years, and I anticipate our club helping out again this year. This is a wonderful event, that is children oriented, and provides the students AND architects a great sense of pride in helping others (isn’t that what Kiwanis is all about?). Please consider providing some financial support or manpower assistance, or both, if you can.

      Please let me know if there is any additional information that you would find helpful for your considerations of this. We do appreciate your support over the last few years and would love to have you partner with us again to make this another successful CANstruction event.

      If this email has not been sent to the appropriate parties, please pass it along to the current decision makers in your club....this is to important to not consider. Thank you in advance.

      Yours in Service, Glenn Barnhard, Kiwanis Club of Fairfield (CT) - 203-256-8481 or <gmbarch@...>.

      May 17, 2012

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    • Midge Lubot
      NEW ENGLAND & BERMUDA DISTRICT KIWANIS FAMILY UPDATES MIDGE K. LUBOT May 9, 2014 Please send all announcements to by Thursday.
      Message 290 of 290 , May 8, 2014
      May 9, 2014

      Please send all announcements to <events@...> by Thursday. All new announcements will be shown in blue each week, the announcements in green are for the District or Int’l. Events, the announcements in orange are for the Key Club, turquoise is for Circle K, purple is for the Builders Club, pink for the K-Kids and the announcements in maroon are for the Aktion Clubs.


      THANK YOU!


      MAY 14, 2014

      Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Lecture Series

      The Lecture Series will be combined with the Floating Hospital’s Pediatric Grand Rounds:

      Wednesday, May 14, 2014
      12 – 1 PM
      Wolff Auditorium
      Tufts Medical Center, 800 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111

      Come hear the story of Dixie Coskie and her son, Paul who suffered a
      traumatic brain injury and their family’s struggle to understand and cope
      with his injury. Dixie has written a riveting book about their experience
      “Unthinkable, A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph through A Child’s
      Traumatic Brain Injury”.

      Their story is amazing, powerful and inspiring. All are welcome to attend.

      Victoria Guerina
      Program Specialist
      Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute
      Tufts Medical Center
      800 Washington Street #344
      Boston, MA 02111
      p: 617-636-6381

      MAY 16-23, 2014

      10th Annual Cruise to Division 26
      New England & Bermuda District of Kiwanis

      Join us in Bermuda in 2014!

      Our travel professional, Steve Shiff, suggests that you make your down payment for our Bermuda Cruise for 2014 now.

      Prices are going up, make your reservation before they rise again.

      Contact our Steve Shiff at Colby Corner Travel, 978-535-1952 or Bob Tandy, Cruise Committee Chair at 978-372-9890.
      You can also send an email to <bermudacruise@...>.

      See you on board!!

      MAY 17, 2014

      The Kiwanis Club of Meriden (CT) will clean up at Camp Nerden in Middlefield for their Kiwanis One Day Project.

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