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Re: [KiteFliersMidwest2] CKF almost goood to go

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  • Tim & Karen Zehe
    Ai Yi Yi! Sounds like a hoot! What a crowd! We may be in town this year, finally. So housework notwithstanding, hope to be able to help out some. Miss u
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29 9:36 AM
      Ai Yi Yi!  Sounds like a hoot!  What a crowd!  We may be in town this year, finally.  So housework notwithstanding, hope to be able to help out some.

      Miss u guys.

      Karen & Tim

      On 8/29/2013 11:40 AM, James Gibson wrote:
      Greetings All
      Ground Display
      This year we are doing something different Its call Krazy Kritter The display will be banners kites and those things that reprsent animal, fish, fowl and anything that  a Krazy Kritter. You furnish your own banner pole put up and take down ground stacks we have for  kites. (we are taken it easy on Nancy)lol
      OK get down in the kite collection you have stuff away and bring a good condition used kite or kites or banners or kite stuff for the kite sale.
        This is a 50/50 sale you get half the club gets half. Items must be intacted and Flyable dont for get sting and handles  for stunt kites and the bag.  You set the price and MS Betty does her thing. (last year I made $75 bucks on things I did not fly anymore.) So this is a good way to make money for you and the club. Supporting this will help pay the bills for this year and a good start for next years CKF. (I have this trillby stack that going in)
       There is going to be a lot of things going on at Eadgewater that weekend a wedding,100 people +, a chuch group with baptisms at the beach 800 people +,so with good weather there should be a a lot of people coming in and out.
      OK thats all from me
      REMEMBER bring a KITE for sale
      later Jim;-)

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