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Re: [KiteFliersMidwest2] fyi- AKA Convention tidbits

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  • Robin McCracken
    Hi, Vicki! from the windless Land of ColoraDuh? Sorry, just looking 4 some enthusiasm 4 Kiting in this Wind Fickle place... ... From: vrwindwatcher@aol.com
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 5, 2008
      Hi, Vicki! from the windless Land of ColoraDuh? Sorry, just looking 4 some enthusiasm 4 Kiting in this Wind Fickle place...

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      Subject: Re: [KiteFliersMidwest2] fyi- AKA Convention tidbits
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      Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 6:12 AM

      Sorry Robyne and I missed all the action.  I know a few guys, may they rest in peace, that would be very proud. 

      For the lack of postings from central Ohio, a big thanks goes to Nancy for sharing your memories.


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      If my cifering is right, region brought home 32 pieces of wood from the AKA competition. 

      Carl Anderson
      aka GUMBY
      Northwest Ohio
      Fighter Kites and Good Winds

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      Subject: [KiteFliersMidwest2 ] fyi- AKA Convention tidbits
      To: KiteFliersMidwest2@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 7:51 AM

      As one OSEK member commented at the Awards Banquet, " We Came to PLAY!"
      OHIO participants did very well in competitions. Nine of us from 3
      clubs brought home 13 of the awesome plaques from Gettysburg. Bob
      Lockhart (OSEK) got a First in the Rokkaku class for his kite, "Broken
      Peace", and also won the People's Choice Award for it. Cheryl Kear
      (OSEK) garnered a pair of 2nd place trophies. Her figure kite is a Must
      See with a teddy bear hanging on to the back of an airplane. Her soft
      kite Quilt got a 2nd Place award, too. Speaking of quilts, Deb
      VonBokern (PIGS Aloft) garnered the People's Choice Accessory award for
      a quilt full of kite event t-shirt logos. Jim Gibson (OSEK)placed
      Second in Novice Fighter Kite Comps, and Carl Anderson (BSAF/OSEK) aced
      the Experienced Fighter Kite catagory!! Nancy Lockwood (OSEK et al)
      took home a 3rd Place award in the Flat Kite comp. Dean and Vickie
      Proudfoot (BSAF/OSEK) faced awesome odds in Pairs Competition, but
      garnered three 3rd place trophies for Experienced Precision, Ballet,
      and Pairs Train.
      I'm grateful to a couple guys who rescued my little 3-stick kite and
      allowed me to finish the competition. My kite broke a spar as I was
      assembling it for flight. These guys just descended with Stuff! One even
      offered to re-spar the kite with graphite. The mended spar will stay in
      that kite! It allowed the kite to fly perfectly in a cloudy, gusty sky.
      It was a week of watching a lot of Revs dominate the open flying
      area, one day 15 of them did an impromptu performance that included
      forming a huge circle in the sky and other patterns. I meant to ask
      them why they haven't figured out how to form the letters AKA yet. My
      guess is they needed 21 kites to do it.
      Keystone Kiters sponsored a "re-enactment" of the Civil War with
      two BIG teams of Rokkaku fliers using kites and line provided by the
      club battling one heat a day over a 3 day period. "The South rose up
      again" was the way the Rok battle's results were announced. Union 1,
      Rebels 2 was the final score. The Ohio "Militia" was involved on both
      sides (You were assigned to teams).
      Nancy Lockwood

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