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444Re: Happy Winter Solstice

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  • Tim
    Dec 21, 2013
      Terry et all,

      > Happy Winter Solstice.
      > We have, in the past, celebrated the Solstice with
      > a kite fly on the beach at The Bay and despite
      > gentle urging from Tim to resume the practice this
      > year, I procrastinated and didn't plan it. (didn't help
      > that life intervened) Sorry Tim.

      NO I'm sorry that we didn't plan better, but
      in view of everything and the uncertain weather (ice)
      thought better that to plan it and come get you only to
      have one or both of us fall.

      I'm flying a kite tonight, but it will be one of
      Charley's in my back yard.

      > Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,
      > or the celebration of your preference.

      Life in general?

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