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441Terry Gerweck

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  • kkilgoar
    Dec 8, 2013

      Dec 7 at 1:37 PM
      Hi there, (or I'm Home!;-})
      And thank you for all the cards, well wishes and prayers. 

      I have been a pretty sick boy (judging by the restraints placed on me by wife, daughters, doctors, medications, and this ugly incision in my belly - I still am.) More in keeping with my character, I was also a BAD boy. I apparently (not sure I want to know the whole truth) spent a couple of days ripping out tubes, various apparatus, disobeying directives from all kinds of people that had my best interests in mind and generally being the thing they were trying to get rid of in The Exorcist. I am pleased to say I'm home, the fog is starting to dissipate and I'm working on getting back some focus. 

      I apologize if you get this more than once, it's kinda a one email to all and should be forwarded to any one I might not have covered. I really appreciate all the good vibes I'm getting. I guess I'm stuck here for a while so don't hesitate to call or stop in (except for those of you where it's warm - you come back where it's cold to see me and I'll haunt you)

      Hope to see ya'll soon (ya can't get rid of me that easy)
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