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437A Note from Nancy.

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  • bsaf_kiteclub
    Sep 4 9:52 AM

      As you gather stuff to bring to the Cleveland Kite Festival this week-end, add a couple things:
      We will be remembering Gene Lewandowski with a short spoken piece and a demo that includes bubbles. So bring any kind of bubble making things you have, even if it's just a bottle of bubble stuff and a wand. While everybody  makes bubbles around the edges of the demo field, a team will be flying a ballet to the old song, "Tiny Bubbles".
      ALSO : Betty Terepka will again have her popular second hand kite booth and welcomes your flyable kites to sell. The deal is 50/50 -  you get half of the money the item sells for and OSEK gets the other half. So you can price your items for how much you want to get out of it. This helps us fund next year's CKF