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Applications of kiting systems in agriculture

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  • Joe Faust
    Kite Ag or Kite Agriculture or Applications of kiting systems in agriculture Starting note by Dave Santos: Major Ag Kite Applications- Irrigation- Standard
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2013
      Kite Ag   or Kite Agriculture  or Applications of kiting systems in agriculture

      Starting note by Dave Santos: 

      Major Ag Kite Applications-
      Irrigation- Standard reciprocating and rotary pumps can be driven with minimal modification. Fossil fuel units can be converted to kite-hybrids, as well as water hauled by well-pulleys or on wagons.

      Plowing- A substitute for tractors and animal labor. Simpler traditional plows can be drawn by kite crosswind (for back-and-forth operation and conservation furrows). Notes- the plowshare must be a symmetrical type, to take traction-force from either side. A simple "tacking" plowshare is a likely method. A "kite-tractor" vehicle could tow a full variety of  ag devices. Electric-tractors can be charged by kite-energy systems.

      Harvesting- Crops like hay or root crops that are not too time sensitive (that can await favorable wind) and/or have unusual harvest demands (harvesting giant coconut trees of Kerala is a high risk climbing occupation). Time sensitive harvests could proceed by stored kite-power of biochar-hybrid power.

      Threshing and Milling- A cheaper faster means to apply wind power, which has a long history in Ag Processing application. Existing mills can be driven in many cases.

      Farm-to-Market- Fuel-less bulk haulage from remote farms to distribution networks can work well in the right setting. 

      Pest Control- Bird scaring during the final ripening phase of grains and fruits is possible with hawk-like kites. Improved methods offer better coverage and usefulness during even calm periods (by a small towing reel).

      Small Scale Rural Electricity- To support ag with information access and improve quality of remote rural life. Lighting, radio, medical support, and charging phones, notebook computers, etc. could be done with the same sort of kites used in direct ag apps.

      General Notes-

      Kite applications are favored by carefully prospecting for opportunities.
      Subtle factors of terrain, latitude, season, and so on, must be taken into careful account.

      DIY Tech- COTS kites are inherently low cost (by installed watt), but DIY kites are practical for even lower costs, for populations at the lowest economic scale.

      Kites to Turbines- With far lower capital-cost than conventional wind power, but a higher attention requirement (kite-piloting or kite-system supervision), kites offer poor communities a path to begin wind power, generate value to finance wind towers (where towers are favored)

      Hay Farming Affinity-


      Maritime Uses- Kites operate in water currents much like they do in air (slower for equivalent power). In many cases the same kite flown above can be "flown" submerged, with minor differences in power handling. Applications include reliable self-powered ferryboats across rivers to support remote ag. Fish Farming-  Kites can oxygenate water and drive waste filtering (into compost). A kite-towed mussel-raft would enhance production, by boosting feeding and oxygen availability.
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