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2008 Paddling "Mild & Wild" Tour of the Hudson

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  • ddintruff
    The message board on paddling.net has this posting about 2008 paddles on the Hudson: (P.S. If the river doesn t freeze over soon...I ll be in serious danger
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
      The message board on paddling.net has this posting about 2008 paddles
      on the Hudson: (P.S. If the river doesn't freeze over soon...I'll be
      in serious danger of purchasing a dry suit)

      Hudson River Valley "Mild & Wild " Tour
      Posted by: spiritboat on Nov-22-07 12:31 AM (EST)

      Rather than waiting solely for that singular big P-Net
      Rendezvous-overnighter to roll around, I am also interested in
      meeting-up with fellow paddlers (of any boat type)to paddle a loose
      knit series of half-day trips in the Mid Hudson Valley come
      Spring-Summer 2008. (Although mainly a steep creek whitewater guy with
      my buddies during the week, I'm also seeking to do more relaxing rec
      boat-type trips on weekends. Hence, not only do I lessen the chances
      of killing myself, but non-ww friends could come along in their boats.)

      THEREFORE, I am proposing twice a month, from April to August 2008
      (say, every other Saturday or Sunday)TEN select excursions within the
      Mid- Hudson region (we can always expand these to include the rest of
      the Northeast anytime.)
      THE WATER: Creeks, Lakes, Ponds, Reservoirs, Rivers. LEVEL OF
      DIFFICULTY: "MILD" (easy to moderate)one weekend day per month; "WILD"
      (swiftwater to Class II) on the other weekend day of that month.
      COUNTIES: Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland,
      Sullivan and Ulster. THE REWARDS: A diverse number of settings and
      paddlers...Perhaps less money spent on gas...Shuttle and info
      sharing...You could attend one, some, or all -- No attendance taking,
      just blurt out your P-Net handle and get in the drink. Bring along
      whoever you want, so long as they're in a boat, or on-shore taking
      pictures of the rest of us...After fielding your
      suggestions/critticisms/witticisms, I'd gladly volunteer to organize a
      calendar with set dates, locations, times, etc. One week before each
      put-in, an announcement with directions and details would be posted
      here(Although, I can't vouch I'll be able to make each trip, myself.)
      Your thoughts welcomed: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Paddling To
      All!!! - Spiritboat Bob
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