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Fw: ONE Week and counting to RIVER DAY!

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  • Diane Dintruff
    Latest schedule looks pretty much the same to me!  DD ... From: Nicole Sama Subject: ONE Week and counting to RIVER DAY! To: Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2009
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      Latest schedule looks pretty much the same to me!  DD

      --- On Sat, 5/30/09, Nicole Sama <njsama@...> wrote:

      From: Nicole Sama <njsama@...>
      Subject: ONE Week and counting to RIVER DAY!
      Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009, 3:32 PM

      Dear River Day Partner,

      Can you believe it?  We are finally here!  RIVER DAY is ONE week away!

      Please see the latest River Day Land Schedule and the River Day
      Underway Schedule (below).  Please be sure to check our River Day
      website daily for updates to ensure a safe and successful event.

      See you on the water!

      -Nicole Sama



      JUNE 5 (Friday)-evening River Day “launch” celebration in New York
      “Harbor Night" with the Blessing of the Fleet, the awarding of the
      “Medal of Discovery”, and festivities at Battery Park.
      6pm-Ship assembly in front of Liberty Island and muster for photo op in
      the harbor against the Manhattan skyline.
      6:30pm Blessing of the Fleet at Battery Park with Governor Paterson and
      special guests.

      JUNE 6 (Saturday)-early morning with 7:15am pick-up of dignitaries and
      press at various overnight docking locations and Circle Line at 42nd
      9am start of flotilla at Statue of Liberty joined by some of our River
      Day sponsors: Circle Line, Water Taxi, Classic Harbor Line, SeaTow,
      Discover Boating, North Cove Yacht Club, NYS Canal Corporation and River
      Day Safety Vessel-Launch Five.
      Parade by Harlem, Cloisters, Yonkers, and Hudson River Museum.
      Arrival in Tarrytown and Nyack area around 5-6pm for cannon welcome and
      ringing of church bells, festivities and fireworks.  Fireworks Program -
      Adjacent to Kingsland Point Park, Sleepy Hollow, 9 pm.  For info:
      www.westchestertourism.com and www.rockland.org
      Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome antique plane fly-overs (www.oldrhinebeck.org).
      Overnight for flagships-Onrust and Woody at Nyack Boat Club, all others
      in vicinity of Tarrytown and Piermont.

      JUNE 7 (Sunday)-departure at 8am.
      Arrival in Haverstraw, Croton and Ossining by 11am for midday
      celebration, leaving Haverstraw by 2pm sharp.
      Parade by Stony Point, Peekskill, and other communities.
      Parade by West Point to 16 cannon salute.
      Arrival and cannon welcome in Newburgh/Beacon around 6pm.
      Newburgh hosting music, Dutch singers and festivities
      Long Dock Beacon-Scenic Hudson hosting Welcome the Fleet Festival
      (www.scenichudson.org) with music and cuisine.  Beacon Sloop Club and
      City of Beacon hosting music and festivities.
      Overnight for flagships-Clearwater, Mystic, and Woody in Beacon; Half
      Moon, Harvey and Cleveland in Newburgh.  Onrust TBA.

      JUNE 8 (Monday)-flagships stay in Beacon/Newburgh for educational
      programs all day. 
      Jet fly-overs, West Point Band and other festivities.

      JUNE 9 (Tuesday)-flagships stay in Beacon/Newburgh for educational
      programs all day.
      Depart Beacon/Newburgh at 4 pm.
      Arrival and cannon welcome (6pm) in Poughkeepsie area
      (www.Dutchess400.com) for festivities including ribbon cutting,
      music, Quadricentennial Show-Cake created by the Culinary Institute of
      America, and Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome antique plane fly-overs.
      Overnight for flagships-Poughkeepsie area, Rogers Point, and boat

      JUNE 10 (Wednesday)-flagships remain in Poughkeepsie all day for
      educational activities.
      Depart Poughkeepsie at 4pm sharp.
      Parade by Hyde Park State Historic Sites.
      Arrival and cannon welcome (6:30pm) in Kingston for celebration at the
      Hudson River Maritime Museum (www.hrmm.org), and Rhinebeck Aerodrome
      antique plane fly-overs.
      Overnight for ships at the Hudson River Maritime Museum and Historic
      Waterfront Museum docks.

      JUNE 11 (Thursday)-remain in Kingston for school groups from 8 to
      Parade by Saugerties Light House (around noon) for school groups.
      Parade by Clermont State Historic Site.
      Arrival and cannon welcome in Catskill/Hudson/Athens by 6pm with Old
      Rhinebeck Aerodrome antique plane fly-overs.  Catskill hosting
      celebration, fireworks, barbeque and reception.  Hudson hosting
      river-ribbon-cutting, music, and festivities.  Athens hosting riverfront
      park party.  Hudson-Athens Lighthouse hosting party
      Hudson Harbor Cruise having narrated dinner cruise (call
      Overnight for flagships-Half Moon in Catskill, Clearwater in Hudson,
      and Onrust in Athens.

      JUNE 12 (Friday)-remain in Catskill/Hudson/Athens area for school
      groups until noon.
      Arrival and cannon welcome in Castleton at 4 pm for special final night
      dinner, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome antique plane fly-overs and fireworks
      sponsored by Coeymans Marine Terminal.
      Overnight for flagships-Clearwater, Launch 5 and Naval Militia at
      Castleton Boat Club, Half Moon, Harvey, Cleveland, and Onrust at
      Coeymans Marine Terminal/Brick Yard.

      JUNE 13 (Saturday)-depart Castleton at 11am.  Parade by Schodack Park
      (www.schodack.org/quadri/HFCindex.htm) and Town of Bethlehem.
      Arrival at 12:30 for Final Cannon Welcome and day-long celebrations
      including Yankee Doodle Band at the Albany Yacht Club, Crailo State
      Historic Site (http://nysparks.state.ny.us/sites/info.asp?siteID=7)
      sponsored Dutch exhibits and cuisine, Blessing of the Fleet at Albany
      Yacht Club with local clergy including Dutch Reform minister.  Keith
      Pray Big Band will be perform, BBQ style foods, and tours of the
      Clearwater Sloop all at the Riverfront Park in Rensselaer.  The Half
      Moon will be in Albany, and Onrust in Rensselaer. 


      River Day Flotilla Underway and Docking Schedule
      (if no dock is indicated, none are needed as of 5/30/09)

      *Ships listed in configuration order-Captains to follow ship listed
      before your listing.
      *Distance between ships will be 100 yards.
      *Flotilla speed is 5 knots. 
      *If a ship must fall behind for any reason, the flotilla will remain at
      5 knots.

      June 5, 6:30PM, Battery Park, “Harbor Night” and Blessing of the
      (Launch celebration for River Day)
      Half Moon-anchored @Bay Ridge Flats
      Clearwater-Chelsea Piers
      Mystic Whaler-79th Street
      John J Harvey Fireboat-Pier 66
      Governor Cleveland Tug-Pier 66
      Naval Militia- Sandy Hook Pilot Station
      Riverkeeper-North Cove Marina
      Launch 5-North Cove

      June 6, 9AM-4PM, NYC to Tappan area (total 7 hours underway)
      *8:15AM meet-up at KV Buoy
      Half Moon-Piermont Pier
      Clearwater –Tarrytown Boat Club
      Mystic Whaler-Tarrytown Boat Club
      *for configuration insert the Shearwater, Clipper City, Adirondack, and
      Onrust-Nyack Boat Club
      Woody Guthrie-Nyack Boat Club
      John J Harvey Fireboat
      Governor Cleveland Tug-Hudson Harbor
      Naval Militia-Viking Marina
      Riverkeeper-Peterson’s dock, Nyack
      *for configuration-insert the Circle Line Cruiser, Water Taxi, Discover
      Launch 5-Hudson Harbor
      *The following boats will return to NYC and do not need overnight or
      docking accommodations.
      Clipper City
      Circle Line Cruiser
      Water Taxi
      Discover Boating

      June 7, 8AM to 11AM and 2PM to 6PM, Tappan Area to Newburgh/Beacon with
      midday stop in Haverstraw, Croton, and Ossining (total 7 hours
      *Midday Stop-Half Moon will lay hull near Croton Point; 3 masted ships
      in the Haverstraw Basin; Naval Militia, Harvey, Cleveland and Launch 5
      in Ossining.  *underway at 2PM sharp!
      Half Moon-Town Pier, Newburgh
      Clearwater-Beacon Ferry Dock (N)
      Mystic Whaler-Beacon Ferry Dock (S)
      Woody Guthrie-Beacon Sloop Club
      John J Harvey Fireboat-MTA Dock
      Governor Cleveland Tug-Front Street Marina, Newburgh
      Naval Militia-Viking Marina
      Riverkeeper –Peterson’s dock, Nyack
      Launch 5-Beacon Point
      *WestPoint cruisers (2)

      June 8, no travel-most boats open for visitors and viewing in
      Beacon/Newburgh docking areas.

      June 9, 4PM to 7PM Newburgh to Poughkeepsie (total 3 hours underway)
      Half Moon-Mariner’s Harbor-to be confirmed/tentative (T)
      Clearwater-Poughkeepsie Pier, Waryus Park
      Mystic Whaler-Poughkeepsie Pier, Waryus Park
      Onrust-Roger’s Point, Hyde Park
      Woody Guthrie-Roger’s Point, Hyde Park
      John J Harvey Fireboat-Waryus Park Barge Dock
      Governor Cleveland Tug-same as above
      Naval Militia- Pirate Canoe Club
      Riverkeeper-Poughkeepsie Pier, Waryus Park
      Launch 5-Pirate Canoe Club

      June 10, 4PM to 7PM, Poughkeepsie to Kingston (total 3 hours underway)
      Half Moon-Hudson River Maritime Museum dock
      Clearwater-same as above
      Onrust-same as above
      John J Harvey Fireboat-Historic Kingston Waterfront Museum dock
      Governor Cleveland Tug-same as above
      Naval Militia-USCG Station, Saugerties
      Riverkeeper-Hudson River Maritime Museum dock
      Launch 5- Historic Kingston Waterfront Museum dock

      June 11, 11AM to 5PM, Kingston to Catskill/Athens/Hudson (total 6 hours
      Half Moon-Historic Catskill Point
      Clearwater-Hudson City Marina
      Onrust-Athens Marina
      John J Harvey Fireboat- Historic Kingston Waterfront Museum dock
      Governor Cleveland Tug-Hudson City Dock
      Naval Militia-Athens Marina (T)
      Riverkeeper-Catskill Marina
      Launch 5-Catskill City Dock

      June 12, 12 to 4PM, Catskill/Athens/Hudson to Castleton (total 4 hours
      Half Moon-Coeymans Marine Terminal
      Clearwater –Castleton Boat Club
      Onrust-Coeymans Marine Terminal
      John J Harvey-Coeymans Marine Terminal
      Governor Cleveland Tug-Coeymans Marine Terminal
      Naval Militia-Castleton Boat Club
      Riverkeeper-Castleton Boat Club
      Launch 5-Castleton Boat Club

      June 13, 11AM to 12:30PM, Castleton to Rensselaer (total 1.5 hours
      Half Moon-Albany
      Clearwater-Rensselaer Park
      Onrust-Albany Yacht Club
      Governor Cleveland Tug-TBA
      Naval Militia-TBA
      Launch 5

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