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Kayak to Bannerman's this Sunday 9/16 plus get a free hat and t-shirt

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  • ddintruff
    I forgot to mention that this Sunday s triathlon is to Bannerman s Castle from the Hudson s East shore. A few folks expressed interest in going back to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2007
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      I forgot to mention that this Sunday's triathlon is to Bannerman's
      Castle from the Hudson's East shore. A few folks expressed interest
      in going back to Bannerman's for another photo shoot.

      I'll probably launch from the Cold springs train station since I'm
      familiar with it and would like to eat at the station restaurant after
      paddling. Tom Galvin, head of the Cold Springs Kayak Club, and a few
      others are launching from there also. I expect that the official
      launch site from "dockside" will be well marked.

      So if paddling to Bannermans with other Kayakers around appeals to
      you...here is a "cut & paste" with more info on the Triathlon:

      "Hi all,

      The Second Annual Hudson Highlands Greenway Triathlon is part of the
      Hudson River Ramble and takes place on Sunday, September 16th. It is a
      kayak, bike, run event and many of the kayakers are novices. I am
      looking for additional kayakers for safety who keep the participants
      out of the shipping channel and back into their boats if necessary.
      Last year was a calm day with no capsizers but you know the Hudson
      River. The kayak portion is at 9am and goes from Dockside in Cold
      Spring to Bannerman's and back. I expect all the kayaks to be out of
      the water by 11 ish.
      If any of you are free and wish to participate in a different type of
      event, please get in touch with me. Paul is participating as a kayak
      racer in a relay!

      Thank you. Hats and t-shirts of course!

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