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Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions

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  • Russell Faller
    Sorry for the confusion.  It was a typo.  I meant Rt. 299.    Russ ________________________________ From: june sanson To:
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      Sorry for the confusion.  It was a typo.  I meant Rt. 299. 

      From: june sanson <junesanson@...>
      To: "KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com" <KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:54 PM
      Subject: Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions
      It's a short distance east of N. Chodikee Lake Rd and Ericsen's Auto, on Rte 299
      I can't make it

      From: Lissa Matthews <lqmatthews@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 7:51 PM
      Subject: Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions
      Hoping to be there if weather is good. May be a few minutes late, though.
      On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 7:45 PM, june sanson <junesanson@...> wrote:
      Diane, I'm sure that's a typo and Russ means Route 299.  

      From: Diane Dintruff <ddintruff@...> To: "KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com" <KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com> Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 4:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions
      Thanks Russ,

      Using google maps, I'm not seeing Black Creek crossing 209, or even 208 which is further East.  But we'll check it out tomorrow unless its raining like it is now.  Are there any specific landmarks to look for near the 209 put-in, so we can launch there in the future.

      The cave burrowing/dwelling birds must be bank swallows since it was definitely communal living...lots & lots of little caves.   I'm dating myself since I remember seeing the ladder near the nests.

      I think most of us put in at the same location you did: at the end of Station Road off 9 north of Hudson (one person paddled over from Athens which might be a better launch during a drought or low tide)...when we launched it was very muddy. Since its a location I've only paddled to once, I don't remember the specific island and hook names and refer to it as "Islands Park"  which seemed to cover it all.  Here is what DEC writes about the Stockport Creek area.
      "The Stockport Flats site is a five-mile, narrow mosaic of landforms, including from north to south Nutten Hook, a bedrock outcropping; Gay's Point and Stockport Middle Ground Island, dredge features that are both part of the Hudson River Islands State Park; the mouth of Stockport Creek, a large tributary stream; a portion of the upland bluff south of Stockport Creek; the dredge spoils and tidal wetlands between Stockport Creek and Priming Hook; and the northern end of Priming Hook. The Hudson is entirely tidal freshwater at this site.
      Stockport Flats is dominated by freshwater tidal wetlands, including subtidal shallows, intertidal mudflats, intertidal shores, tidal marshes and floodplain swamps. Stockport Creek drains a watershed of about 500 square miles.
      Nutten Hook at Stockport features the remains of the largest icehouse on the Hudson, which is listed on the National and New York State Registers of Historic Places. Interpretive panels relate the history of the ice harvesting industry. There is a hand boat launch on Ferry Road in Nutten Hook and at Stockport Creek. A loop hiking trail from Ferry Road goes to the Ice House."

      From: Russell Faller <russoutdoors@...>
      To: "KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com" <KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:50 PM
      Subject: Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions
      Hi Diane,
         Regarding the Black Creek: You can also paddle north from Rt. 209.  I usually paddle in both directions.  It's not that long of a water trail.
         I've paddled the Stockport Flats area several times and haven't had  a problem with low water, except in the area near the east shore of the Hudson between Stockport Middle Ground and Gays Point.
         I launch on the east side of the Hudson from the road that goes west off of Rt. 9 and just north of the bridge over the Stockport Creek.  I've paddled up Stockport Creek to the falls.  It's better to do this at high tide, but have also done it when the water was lower.  Is this the creek you're asking about?
         I'm not familiar with the Island Parks area, at least by that name.  Are you referring to Stockport Middle Ground, the island near the mouth of Stockport Creek, or the campsites on the east shore around Gays Point?
         Regarding the birds: I looked them up in Water Trails of Western Massachusetts by Charles Smith (AMC Books) because I've seen the same holes in sandy banks along the Housatonic River near Great Barrington, MA.  Smith says that they're either bank swallows' or kingfishers' nests.   He explains that swallows are communal nesters, so if there're many holes clustered together, it's a good bet swallows live there.  Kingfishers are loners, so their nesting holes are far apart.  The other way to tell the difference is that Kingfishers' holes are slightly wider than they are tall.
         I remember the time before those birds made their nests in that sandy bank on the south end of Stockport Middle Ground.  There used to be a campsite on the top of that steep bank and I camped there once.  There was a ladder to climb up to it and you got a terrific view downriver.  It was removed after the birds took up residence.  DEC didn't want people going there anymore so as not to disturb the birds.
         I hope this answers your questions, Russ
      From: DianeD <ddintruff@...>
      To: KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 7:02 AM
      Subject: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 & Stockport Flats Questions
      thanks Russ, I always look forward to paddling someplace new especially if its close to me. A couple of questions to Russ or anyone familiar with the Stockport flats area... The extra rain this year has made it possible to paddle areas that dry up during the height of the season. last time we paddled from Stockport Flats to Island Park area, it was really low and we could only go out onto the Hudson...either late in the season, low tide or both. Q1:Do you think if we avoided extreme low tide that we could paddle the creek as well as the park areas on the islands? Q2: Do you know what the birds are that make nests in holes in the cliffs at Stockport? I was impressed by the number and industriousness of holes, but don't recall what birds made them.thanks, Diane --- In mailto:KingstonPaddlePals%40yahoogroups.com, Russell Faller <russoutdoors@...> wrote: > >    I organize the clean-out of that section of the Black Cr. with volunteers from Mid-Hudson Adirondack Mtn. Club.  We cleared it this past May, so it's navigable from 209 to New Paltz Rd., unless the water level is down, but we've been having rain.  The official water trail stops at New Paltz Rd., but if you're adventurous, you can often paddle almost all the way to Pancake Hollow Rd., depending on the water level.  You will have to get around blowdowns and sometimes line your boat.  It's a beautiful area - some of it reminiscent of the Adirondacks.>    Have fun, Russ > > > ________________________________ > From: Diane Dintruff <ddintruff@...> > To: KayakGroup1 <mailto:KingstonPaddlePals%40yahoogroups.com>; Toni Weidenbacher <Toniweidenbacher@...> > Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 6:41 PM > Subject: [KingstonPaddlePals] Monday July 1, 9:30 am Black Creek South from 299 > >   > > I stopped at my Dentist after our paddle from Highland today and Dr. Subie Toprani wanted to do a paddle with us,and I've been wanting to check out the section of  Black Creek south of 299 near her office.  So let's paddle there next week.  I'm not sure how far we can get, but Black Creek is visible from the Highland Rail Trail and seems pretty navigable although I haven't paddled that stretch. > > > from 9W, west on 299 pull off the road just after crossing Black Creek for the launch.  It's a rocky launch at the bottom of a hill.  > > > Whew...can't believe its almost July.  Diane >
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