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July Kayaking Events: Hot Air Balloons to Island Castles

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  • Diane Dintruff
    Lots going on in July for folks with go-zero (no emission)boats. Tom and Ivan will be participating in the Great Hudson River Paddle. The GHRP arrives in
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      Lots going on in July for folks with go-zero (no emission)boats. Tom
      and Ivan will be participating in the Great Hudson River Paddle. The
      GHRP arrives in Kingston Sunday June 6 where the Hudson Maritime
      Museum will host them and show a film/discussion on kayaking in
      Antartica 7pm. All are welcome to the discussion and to paddle with
      them as they come and go in & out of each port listed below. The
      Maritime Museum now has a kayak dock that all are welcome to use.

      Paddlefest is July 13 and Scenic Hudson's Esopus conservatory kayaking
      event is July 29. Advanced registration is required for Paddlefest's
      advanced skills classes & the paddle to bannerman's Castle. Scenic
      Hudson's event is free and they will bring in kayaks for anyone who
      preregisters. All paddlers are welcome at the SH event.

      And one of my favorites: the POK balloon festival July 18-20. They
      haven't got all their launch sites on-line yet. I've heard that this
      year, the 6 am launches will be from the POK boathouse just south of
      the POK bridge and the 6 pm launches will be all along the Hudson.
      Last year we launched from Mariner's on the Hudson for the am
      lift-offs. And I expect the festival will end with a fireworks
      display again this year.

      I hope folks will join other Kingston Paddle Pal & Cold Springs Kayak
      club members August 2 for the Bannerman's Castle and Moodna Creek
      Paddle & BarBque at Plum Point; there will be a head count poll for
      this event later in the month. And be sure to register for the
      RiverPool Swim & Paddle August 3. The Go-zero race this year includes
      a rally group to cheer folks around Bannerman's Castle this year.
      They are hoping to obtain access to go onto the island. there is a
      small fee ($10 I believe) but his also buys a BarBque.

      Here are dates and links to these events. Hope to meet you on the
      water. Diane

      Great Hudson River Paddle…(7/3-13/08)


      Date Travel Between Mileage
      Thursday, July 3rd Albany to New Baltimore 15.1
      Friday, July 4th New Baltimore to Athens 12.9
      Saturday, July 5th Athens to Saugerties 17.1
      Sunday, July 6th Saugerties to Kingston 11.2
      Monday, July 7th Kingston to Poughkeepsie 16.6
      Tuesday, July 8th Poughkeepsie to Chelsea 11.2
      Wednesday, July 9th Chelsea to Cold Spring 10.4
      Thursday, July 10th Cold Spring to Stony Point 14.3
      Friday, July 11th Stony Point to Irvington 15.0
      Saturday, July 12th Irvington to Yonkers 6.9
      Sunday, July 13th Yonkers to New York City 13.4
      Total Distance Covered 144.0
      8th Mid-Hudson ADK Paddlefest…(7/13/08)

      POK Balloon Festival (am lift-offs from POK boathouse… (July 18-20, 2008)

      Scenic Hudson at Esopus Meadows Conservatory…7/29, 5-8pm


      Bannerman's Castle with Cold Springs Kayak club…Saturday 8/2

      5th Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim/Paddle…Sunday 8/3/08


      9th Hudson river Ramble…9/13-14, 20-21, 27-28/08, including
      3rd Hudson Valley Greenway Triathlonaround Bannerman's Castle…Sunday
      9/28/08 (Kayak safety escorts)


      Beacon Go-Zero Race….9/21/08

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