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Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Re: looking for paddlers...How to set up a paddle on KPP...other groups

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    Thanks for keeping me informed throughout the winter. After this Sunday, the ski slopes will be closed during the week. Its a terrible waste of piles of snow,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2013
      Thanks for keeping me informed throughout the winter.

      After this Sunday, the ski slopes will be closed during the week.  Its a terrible waste of piles of snow, but there were only about 100 of us skiing this morning.

      See you guys soon.

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      Subject: [KingstonPaddlePals] Re: looking for paddlers...How to set up a paddle on KPP...other groups

      How to set up a paddle:  just send an email to: KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com

      If you are new to KPP (KingstonPaddlePals), or ready to get involved and meet new paddlers (phone chain members) please read this.  This yahoo group is designed to help you get out and paddle with other like-minded kayakers.  KPP  is not a leader-dictated group, but a member-driven forum. All members are encouraged to suggest a place, date, and time for a paddle.  

      All members should feel free to make paddle suggestions. For example, suggested paddle types/expections can be 1) novice leisure paddles in a lake, pond, marsh or quiet creek (with picnic and frequent stops), 2) intermediate-level day-tour paddles,  3) advanced-skill big-water paddles against high wind and tide, crossing shipping channels and large bodies of water, 4) skills sharing and practice sessions, 5) chasing a tall ship,  6) hanging out listening to a concert, 7) photographing an event, etc.

      Anyone can take the initiative to post a paddle. This is the best way to get events that work for your personal schedule and skill level so you never have to paddle alone. TThis is the best way not to exclude anyone, and make numerous time consuming phone calls. All are welcome to suggest paddles. 

      As of May 2013, we have approximately 200 members in KingstonPaddlePals. Generally, KPP posted paddles tend to attract a very small percentage of its members, between 2 to 6 kayakers. That is just the right size for a group paddle. Members just need to be specific on the day, time,  place and paddle type/expectations (skill level, pace, distance, snack, swim, etc.) when making a suggestion.  These paddles are common adventures, so you are not responsible for others, just yourself...but generally there is safety in numbers.

      So please, give it a try… email our group message board
      (KingstonPaddlePals@yahoogroups.com) and make a suggestion for a paddle if you can't find an existing one that fits your needs. 

      here are some groups with ongoing paddles (please correct me if I am wrong):

      I believe  Malden’s (just north of Saugerties) paddles continue to be  6 pm Tuesday’s & Thursdays, and 9am Sundays http://maldenyachtclub.org/
      The Hudson Valley Hikers meet-up seems to be scheduling Tuesday evening paddles this year meetup.com    
      Hudson Valley and beyond Kayakers, Kayaking the liquid skies meetups often have weekend paddles meetup.com
      In 2013, Trailsweepers have their monthly weekend  paddles at various locations on Sundays in June, July and Sept.  Other months on Saturdays May –Oct. Details at http://trailsweepers.org/

      http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=meet&tid=1625385 Ramshead from dutchman’s landing Sat May 11 or Sun May 12 depending on weather

      MH-ADK paddles on 2rd & 4th Thrusdays (membership required after 2 outings) and events at on their schedule at http://www.midhudsonadk.org/OutingsSchedule.htm 

      Also the Kingston Rowing Crews go out on the Rondout every week day weather permitting from 3:30pm to 6:30 until the end o the school year and have safety boats accompany them so a paddler wouldn't be alone

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      Subject: [KingstonPaddlePals] looking for paddlers

      Hi all, I am looking for a group that regularly goes out on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays. I get the notices for special events, but not sure where to look for weekly paddling.

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