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Re: [KingstonPaddlePals] Misc paddling info on waves, paddles, safety gear, etc.

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    Nice writeup Diane Two comments: Paddles are getting cheaper; made in China now. I carry a 100 line. I originally got it to help tow people through the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2011
      Nice writeup Diane

      Two comments:

      Paddles are getting cheaper;  made in China now. 

      I carry a 100' line. I originally got it to help tow people through the trestle passages when the current was against us.  Now I carry it in case I need help.

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      Subject: [KingstonPaddlePals] Misc paddling info on waves, paddles, safety gear, etc.

      Lots of good info with links in this posting to a meetup group

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      Subject: [kayaking-119] Our Last paddling trip at Bluff Point info
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      Hi Everyone,
      Im sending out the e-mail to all in the group.
      Yeah most of you know this info but for those that don't it helps us all in into the future.
      Waves, yes knowing them helps, i can only go by the predictions in the links i add to our events and some waves are higher and lower depending on lots of factors such as things underwater and wind..etc..
      Please read the following info in the link below and you will know more than you need to know but will be happy some of the info is stored somewhere in your mind the next time we go out to paddle.
      Strengths and weaknesses:
      Its going to be harder for those with the short and wide boats to keep up with the ocean cruisers, its just the way things are yet many of you that have gone on all of the trips have built up plenty of strength to handle just fine.
      There are a few ways to keep up and not worry very much.
      Paddles: Yes the cheap ones are just that. They work fine in the lake while sipping beverage and looking at a few houses. On the longer paddling trips they will give you big giant muscles if you paddle for years with them   although you may expire on the way.
      If you look at some members that have been in this and other groups seem to have similar paddles.
      People that paddle mostly the ocean in higher wave and windy conditions tend to have Greenland style paddles. There are many reasons for this and i wont explain why since we are more of a Recreational-Social and some ocean trips paddling group.
      For us a light paddle with a very efficient design is prefered.
      Ok hold on to your eyes, for some of you the paddles cost more than your kayaks.
      My favored brand is WERNER and the particular model is Kaliste.
      Depending on your budget the Werner Camano fiberglass is a good choice also but it has a big difference in comparison as to feel and boyancy compared to the Kaliste.
      Look at the site for info on the other products..etc.
      Tow Ropes:
      There are times all of us may need a tow no matter how good we are. Things happen, a cut, a broken part from slipping on a rock, a animal bite..or simply too tired.. etc..
      I have added a tow line of about 5 feet to almost all of my kayaks bow carry strap, any one of them can be removed and used if necessary.
      It would be good if most of you have a similar rope on your boats too. Another advantage also is when you pull up on shore and want to leave your boat un attended for any time..it may be a good idea to tie the rope to something that will not float away.
      I have done my best to have a whistle on all of my Life Jackets, yes sometimes they tear off but i have a spare or 2 in the box.
      You might as well have one or just check that its still on before the trips.
      Self Rescue and assisted rescue:
      I like it when i have to practice a rescue in the real conditions of waves and wind, i learn form this and get better at it. Practising with us in the Bolton Lake is a good thing since it builds your skills in the most efficient ways to get in with less panic.
      Yes i know for the person going in in the conditions that we had this weekend, it is a bit panic inducing and many options available.
      Forget about swimming to shore and dragging a full boat, that goes for even a buddy.
      Wind currents and strength my do you in also.
      Self or assisted rescue is the best way to get the person out of the water fast.
      Paddle floats for self rescue work OK (not the best method--  but as a last resort the paddle float is your best friend in almost any bad or good conditions) i always tend to have a paddle float and pump with me.
      Life Jackets:
      Obviously i want you to wear them at all times, i can't  make you but if you ever went in on an unplanned situation, you wont be grabbing for it if you discover you need it and its floating away with the waves and wind. There are other reasons but you will see and discover foryour self what i mean.
      Any life jacket is better than none, a proper fitting one is more comfortable, cooler hotter, less binding..etc.
      Again you will see members in this and other groups with a brand and model that seems to be the chosen more often, (Many brands are equally as good but some of you have used my KoKatat Ms Fit life jacket and have made your own comparisons and have chosen it also)
      If you have those heavy uncomfortable paddles with a wide diameter shaft, you will grip way too hard
      and get blisters and fatigued in general.
      In the beginning of the season i wear gloves but as the season goes on i dont need them.
      I suggest those that have not paddled much get those biking gloves or ven some other comfortable water gloves.
      Oh i almost forgot, For those that are not joining us at the camping trip and want a buddy to paddle with next week, Sarah from the Masschewsetts Paddling group is wanting to paddle some of the CT River in MA.
      What Sarah wrote:
      help me practice for the 13 mile kayak a thon
      on 8.7.11 kayak from hatfield - nortampton
      start either morning or evening
      its a one way trip down the CT river apx 6 miles
      we need to figre out transport back and forth from pt A - B and 
      What Sarah wrote:
      actually its 7th on a sunday

      * If you'd like to see the Meetup profile for Sarah, visit:
      What Sarah wrote:

      Ok see ya all someday,

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