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Fw: The City of Water Day Float Plan wants you before May 14th. Notes on 2nd Boaters Meeting for the City of Water Day Festival

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  • Diane Dintruff
    If anyone is going to City of Water Day kayaker estimates are needed by Saturday.  This is the same day as the Town of Esopus Kayak Savenger Hunt from Freer
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2011
      If anyone is going to City of Water Day kayaker estimates are needed by Saturday.  This is the same day as the Town of Esopus Kayak Savenger Hunt from Freer Beach.    DD

      --- On Mon, 5/9/11, Louis Kleinman <LKleinman@...> wrote:

      From: Louis Kleinman <LKleinman@...>
      Subject: The City of Water Day Float Plan wants you before May 14th. Notes on 2nd Boaters Meeting for the City of Water Day Festival
      To: "Louis Kleinman" <LKleinman@...>
      Date: Monday, May 9, 2011, 4:50 PM

      The City of Water Day Float Plan wants your guesstimate before May 14th (This Saturday) – see below!


      Notes on 2nd Boaters Meeting for 4th Annual City of Water Day Festival on July 16th.


      There was a very good and enthusiastic group at the 2nd Boaters Meeting on May 4th. Thank you all who attended in the chilly weather. (Beginning of May, who would have thought?)  The space graciously provided to us by the River Project on Pier 40 worked out very well.

      For those who could not be there please read over and if you have any questions or concerns contact us ASAP.

      We hope to get as many boaters onto the water and participating with us on July 16th as we can.

      We do want you and we want to accommodate ourselves, in so far as possible within the Coast Guard, Governors Island & Liberty State Park constraints, to your requirements.


      Various topics were discussed:


      1. It is strongly urged in the interest of security that all groups and participants file a Float Plan.

      The day should be inclusive for everyone, not exclusive, but Ray must submit a COWD Float-Plan to the Coast Guard and it will certainly be in everyone’s interest to not only have fun, but to be safe while doing so.


      Please send in your Floatplan ‘Guesstimate’ by May 14th through the City of Water Day Website. Link: http://www.cityofwaterday.org/float-plan/

      You can adjust your initial guess at any time. 10% change in either numbers of boats or people don’t matter, but if there is a large change or you change discharge place/time &/or depature time let us know.  The Floatplans with adjustments should be finalized by July 1st.


      1. There will be Ambulance service on the Island . But if anyone who will be camping out is an EMT/or First Responder/Doctor/Nurse please give me or Ray names. We are required to have a small number of people available for emergencies throughout the event & overnight, and it would save a lot of time and money if anyone with those classifications will be camping anyway.


      1. We may need some help on repairing the DTBH dock at 101. The Harbor School will be spearheading this and they will need some help.  In due course we will send out an SOS – We hope that you will be able to give us some aid at that time.


      1. There was a request from a Boathouse to: (1). Move the BBQ grill closer to the tents & (2) Ask whether the GI authorities would allow a Butane Grill.

      Ray will check with the officials and let everyone know.


      1. There will be a constant free ferry service during the day between GI & Liberty. Also at Liberty there will be a patrolled area for security during the evening for anyone wanting leaving cars/boats.  Since there can be no community walkup boating at GI, it will all be done at Liberty .Liberty will provide some kayaks and they have a very small number of trained people to service the public.  However we are getting additional Kayaks and we will have more boats than helpers. If any of the Boathouses would like to have a couple of their people help out at Liberty they could then take the Ferry back to GI to Camp.  MWA will arrange to transport those people back to their vehicles/boats on Liberty .

      This would be a big public service benefit.

      In addition we hope that one or more of the Boathouse would bring their big Rowers (Whitehalls etc) over to Liberty for public use/display.

      Those workers who camp could also be brought back to Liberty on Sunday morn.


      1. Unmanned tabling will be given to all participating groups who want to have a public face on both Liberty & Governors and who don’t have enough manpower (or will) to staff their own.  In addition MWA will have a 32inch monitor on Governors. So if any group wanted to have a 5 slide power point presentation piggy-backed with others during the day let us know.


      1. MWA will be able to take large items that a group needs and bring them over to GI during the morning. The materials must be marked with carton numbers (1/3; 2/3; 3/3 etc) and the name of the group on each. Anything given back to MWA on Sunday morning will be brought back and must be picked up during the 5 days following July 16th.  This can only be done by prior arrangement with MWA – Drop off location in the City will be advised later.  This will only be available to participating groups & individuals (boaters and/or tablers) who have registered first through the City of Water Day website.


      1. F-U-N in the evening:

      (1). We want to set up a Jeopardy style game for the boaters. We are looking to receive ideas from you all about possible water categories:


      Tides & Currents

      The Estuary

                        Islands in the Harbor


            Send in your suggestions please.

      (2). BBQ sharing. (Reminder – GI is strict about not allowing alcoholic beverages except in previously designated areas)

      (3). The Water Taxi beach will be open at night for the usual adult entertainment.


      1. There will be a small amount of moorings for sail & power boats available at no cost at LSP. We would love to see our non-HP friends participate with us.


      Reminder again: Please get your Float Plans in before May 14th.  Amend them later if you must. 

      Repeat for link: http://www.cityofwaterday.org/float-plan/


                  Another year for a great day of ‘Fun with a Purpose’ – We have the fun, and the public will learn about the importance, benefits, and uses of our

                 magnificent waters, shores, and harbor.


                  Yours – Ray & Louis

                         Ray: ray@...   Tel: (845) 809-5999

                         Louis: lkleinman@...  Tel: 212-935-9831 xt 104

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