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  • thomas bert
    Greetings, Thank you again for the advice you have been very kind and helpful. I can only imagine the cost for a fully armed knight/foot soldier but I am not
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      Thank you again for the advice you have been very kind
      and helpful. I can only imagine the cost for a fully armed
      knight/foot soldier but I am not adverse to saving up my
      pennies. As for getting hit by a ratan weapon goes I
      sometimes think that a few people believe that I already
      have been!

      You seem to have all of the accouterments needed, that could
      not have been cheap either. Since you are not doing combat
      archery it is good that you can still be involved and educate.
      That is a noble endeavor.

      I am grateful for your time and effort. You are a good man and
      I look forward to discussions that we might have. I wish you
      all the best.

      With Much Respect,

      "Bellum Est Pater Omnium"

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      Not sure if I replied to this post yet or not, but my two cents worth says that getting into archery is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than getting into armor and fighting.  If your intent is to armor up for the purpose of participating in the fighting the required helmet alone could easily cost as much as an entire archery kit.  On the other hand considering you are likely to be hit with a ratan weapon, that would be solid bamboo, then having safe armor is not a choice but mandatory.  The object is to have fun and not kill each other.  I personally have an armor kit for a military archer which includes a full chain mail shirt, coif and kettle helm.  I also have a basinet from my combat archer days.  For the military archer I also have an archer's short sword and an archer's ax.  I use this stuff for demos only, I have retired from the combat archery - too much dinking around with the rules, the knights hate archers and do everything in their power to remove the activity, and the amo has gotten very expensive, about $5 per and you should have at least 100 shafts when you go to war.  So now days I observe and advise combat archer wannabees.
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      Good day to you!

      Yes it does seem that getting into the bow would be comparatively
      cheaper than the foot soldier role. Yes I totally agree that kog
      really knows his stuff and I am grateful for answering all of my

      I myself am in financial difficulties. I do construction work but things
      have been slow lately. I am sure that with practice one can develop
      many useful skills and save quite a bit of money. That is why I need
      to keep focused and what aspects of medieval warfare that I am
      more interested in.

      Yes if I do decide to get into archery I would guess that somewhere
      I could find bows and a reasonable price. As a matter of fact I heard
      that there was a guy around here that made  English longbows.
      However he was to expensive for my friend. So I know if I do get
      into archery I should not have a problem finding what I need.

      I am amazed at how helpful and friendly all of you are, especially
      to a guy that you really do not know. I would love to one day meet
      all of you and express my appreciation.

      With Respect,

      "Bellum Est Pater Omnium"


      good day thomas,

      i have found that archery is one of the most inexpensive hobbies that one can get into in the sca. another friend got me back into archery, but i have found out so much more from kog.

      i am a student at the moment, and am also in a financial bind. i am having to buy cheap aluminum arrows that are all black. it is not truly authentic, but it works. i have also heard that making your own arrows can cut down on cost. it is just one of those things that pay off over a long period of time.

      and i am sure that you can find decent bows. i would recommend a maker, but they have gone out of business. i recommend finding people in your kingdom like kog that can give you better advice on that front.

      hope that you find out what you like and have a great time doing it. all of us here in lyonnesse get to meet you someday.

      Lady Rose McDade

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