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416Re: The future

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  • Gideon D
    Jun 21, 2011
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      Originally I was so very excited to be a part of Lyonnesse because of the opportunity to avoid some of the mistakes of other groups, as well as being new enough to be ABLE to change things when need be (I recognize that changes are much more difficult in large organizations).

      I was also excited at the possibility of being able to "start over". I had realized that I had lost my way in the Society and felt that I had "missed my chance" to do many of the things that I had originally joined the Society for. Also, I was happy to a part of something "from the ground floor" and know the faces of everyone involved for quite some time to come.

      The kicker. Allow me to be honest. My wife and I came to feel that everyone involved was playing in Lyonnesse only as a "supplement" to the SCA. It seemed that scheduling of activities was always at the mercy of SCA events. The other difficulty (just for me personally) was that I never have regular weekends off, due to working at the casino. This can make attendance somewhat problematic, as I have to ask off well in advance to get a weekend off, and if my request is denied, I have no recourse but to work. My wife is currently working 6 days a week and I work Wednesday through Sunday.

      Beyond these points lie the factors or real-life concerns to which we all must answer (kids, extended families, regular vacatons, etc.).

      What this all means is that, given the state of things when we last gathered, there was little reason to play Lyonnesse versus the SCA, as it seemed to us that everyone's priority and energies went to the Society.

      But make no mistake, I have been proud to be involved in Lyonnesse and was sad to see it "fizzle out".

      My contribution to the discussion,

      --- In KingdomofLyonnesse@yahoogroups.com, "The Greys" <cogworks@...> wrote:
      > A few of us were talking this weekend about the future of Lyonnesse. As there has not been any activity here for a very long time the obvious question is "Do we want to continue?". If the answer is YES, then what do we want to do and/or what direction do we want to go? Do/should we make any changes? If YES, what?
      > Let's get a discussion going here.
      > Christophe
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