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405RE: [KingdomofLyonnesse] archery

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  • John Atkins
    Sep 27, 2010
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      Yes indeed, I have a piece of deer antlter (horns are permanent, antlers get shed yearly) for your bow.  We can discuss if you would like that added.  But I have piece of leather for re-wrapping you grip.  We can discus, at the event, what you would like done to your bow, but know I will be prepared for both conseqences.
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      dear kog,
      i do not remember is we solidified the fact that i did need a bit of deer horn for an arrow rest. i hope that this message does not come to late. i am camping with croisbrigte again just for the fact that i know more people in that canton (hope i got that right). i hope all is well and i look forward to seeing you soon.
      rose (keat)
      To all of my fellow Callidorians, I hope that grace smiles upon you and your households today.

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