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questions (quest benefits, palace coup)

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  • Bryan Thexton
    First question: When a heroquest increases the knowledge of our people (lankor my), or increases our cow knowledge (uralda), or similar, does anyone know
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
      First question: When a heroquest "increases the
      knowledge of our people" (lankor my), or "increases
      our cow knowledge" (uralda), or similar, does anyone
      know if the game treats this as a small bonus to some
      or all leaders (taking them that much closer to
      achieving the next level of skill), or if it affects
      the clan as a whole instead (showing up as a hidden
      bonus in relevant situations --our divinations work
      better, or our herds prosper more, or whatever). Both
      effects are good, but they are different and may
      impact what option I would choose in a quest,
      depending on the situation.

      Second: Once you have the tribal king, is there any
      way for him to resign? I think I'm getting close to
      the kingdom making stage in one game, and our clan
      leader and tribal king is wonderfully gifted, but is
      in his late 50's and is unapt to last long enough to
      see his dreams come true (besides, on the reorg screen
      even he admits he might prefer going back to being a
      crafter now). Besides sending him off to call on
      Cragspider, how can I depose him? Actually, ideally
      I'd like to leave him as clan leader for now, but
      nominate a promising young buck as the new king. If
      anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly

      Thanks in advance;


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