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Re: Boosting abilities; 7 different worshippers on the ring; Tribal regalia; Sacrifices (long)

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  • suportgiathainguyen
    I got 100+ sicks or 100+ injured a few times IN those cases, best you can do is CA heroquest. there s an option of heal the sick/wound. BAM. No more
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 27, 2007
      I got 100+ sicks or 100+ injured a few times

      IN those cases, best you can do is CA heroquest. there's an option
      of heal the sick/wound. BAM. No more sick/wound.

      Another option is sacrifice to Malia who is (often) cheaper than CA
      in curing the sicks.

      Anyone ever got success resurrecting yet? I did remember once a
      tribe sell a treasure say resurrection success. Pity I pay too few...

      --- In KingOfDragonPass@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Kyer" <jeff.kyer@...>
      > --- In KingOfDragonPass@egroups.com, "Kaj Sotala" <Tspro@N...>
      > > >-Then, once you have a war leader with excellent
      > > >combat, you can consider doing a more general quest to
      > > >boost up other leaders too.
      > >
      > (decent idea bout Chosen ONe deleted, good except for the frequent
      > saving part that is)
      > >
      > > Information often 'leaks' from one game to another. I suspect
      > 'Ghost Temple'
      > > bug has something to do with constant reloading - at the end of
      > last
      > > game, I had about ten temples for Urox in my Sacred Time screen.
      > That
      > > was pretty annoying.
      > Ghost Temple bug? That sound interesting...
      > > With this technique, I got twice a Barntar king. Since the
      > One also
      > > gets really strong, there is nothing stopping you from doing two
      > Heroquests
      > > each year. Heck, I think I even did three in one game!
      > >
      > >
      > > In addition, I'd like to say that the need to have worshippers
      > each of the
      > > seven Lightbringers on the Ring is being over-estimated. I
      > never have
      > > them all on the Ring. Who cares about the god they worship? As
      > as
      > Not seven lightbringers. Just 7 different deities. And it does
      > a difference. About as much as using a ring/non-ring member for a
      > hero quest.
      > > they have good skills, welcome to the Ring! (With the expection
      > Chalana
      > > Arroy and Eurmal - Since my clan seems to get often sick for
      > reason,
      > > I want a healer and the ring, and Eurmal - well, the events
      > by having
      > > a Trickster on the ring, and then input he gives are so funny
      > I
      > want him!)
      > Getting sick often doesn't happen with my clans. I usually have a
      > shrine with Curing and spend a point on healing magic at Sacred
      > Once you have more than 30 people sick, you start to get things
      > sprialing out of control.
      > > Then, whats the advantage of having a larger Tribal regalia?
      > More magic each year if you are king. One more point and having
      > regalia makes the tribe more *durable* I think.
      > > One more thing. I'd like to have the ability to sacrifice more
      > 50 goods.
      > > Normally, 50 is all good and well, but when sacrificing to
      > Arroy, I
      > > just never get her to heal more than 75 people. When I've got
      > sick, it
      > > takes 280 / 75 = 3.7 = 4 actions to heal them all, and meanwhile
      > others
      > > usually get sick. Kinda annoying...
      > >
      > I don't think I've EVER heard of anyone having that many sick
      > I've never had more than 80 and that was during a plague event.
      > Jeff
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