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the missing manual

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  • David Dunham
    I just ran across this manual for King of Dragon Pass. It was probably written by Rob Heinsoo, possibly by other members of the team. Hope it helps! pigs,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
      I just ran across this manual for King of Dragon Pass. It was
      probably written by Rob Heinsoo, possibly by other members of the
      team. Hope it helps!

      pigs, sheep, and cattle
      wealth that walks, wealth you can touch
      what more riches to want

      Urox protect us
      Chaos threatens everywhere
      Storm Bull, sniff it out

      Fat cows, woolly sheep
      Grainbins full: rye, barley, wheat
      Ernalda blesses us now

      Who comes to the stead?
      Give the stranger a full plate
      Top off the mead--mug

      Destiny calls us
      Honor calls us to battle
      to fight well, die proud

      Tread the path lightly
      Toe and heel match carefully
      ancestor's footsteps

      In youth, we made love
      Until they married us off
      We honor our vows

      Hot sun beads our brows
      After each row, another
      Thus we feed the clan

      Six breasts are too much
      For humans but not for trolls
      Who bear them with ease

      Healer take your broom
      Sweep the evil spirits out
      Bring health back to us

      Glory and treasure
      Lie beyond the next valley
      Send me exploring!

      Tusk-riders assault,
      Tusk riders recede; Seasons
      also come and go

      They work us too long
      for the rations they provide
      a thralls life is hard

      My fathers took thralls
      And so shall I, by such acts
      ancestors are glad

      We can't know for sure
      The inner life of dragons
      Pray our acts are right

      Every fight we lose
      A few more good men and so
      Hire fighters always

      Trust in Ernalda
      Trust to Orlanth, in all things
      What else can we do

      Don't ignore
      Maran Gor
      She'll shake your dirt
      She'll make you hurt
      But Honor her and she just might
      Give you stuff to help you fight

      Our neighbors were friends
      Trickster went to visit them
      Now we are fighting

      Our neighbors were friends
      Trickster went a-visiting
      We must make amends

      Ignore the trickster
      Who is so often so wrong
      Unless he is right

      Herds, Grain, Goods, Treasures
      Proud fighters, Clever Magic
      What else could we need

      Bad King Urgrain shows us
      What to do to walk the path
      of utter failure

      burnt steads, stolen cows
      weeping families, dead thanes
      was the feud worth it?

      Patrol near the stead
      Patrol the tula-edges
      Defend and stay strong

      Battle-charge boldly
      Let the swords sing, the shields clash
      Grab the goods and go!

      Pound our foes often
      See them bring tribute to us
      Our hearts swell with pride

      Too few folk, we die
      Too many folk, we must split
      Rich clans don't last long!

      Better to grow and
      Split than dwindle, see our kin
      go to other clans

      Trader's silver tongues
      Say no bad things of any man
      In front of his face

      I swap you ten cows
      For food, cloth and red-clay pots
      So we get along

      Gather more treasures
      Trade them not, nor spend in haste
      Keep them for glory

      (In case you didn't notice, almost all of these are in haiku form.)

      David Dunham A Sharp, LLC
      Efficiency is intelligent laziness.
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