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3693Re: [KoDP] Early game procedure

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  • Meredith Dixon
    Aug 7, 2014
      Personally, I put max initial magic into Mysteries and Health.  My first action is always to reorganize my ring.  Then I readjust the amount planted until the amount to be harvested stops going up, even though that makes the farmers complain that they're being overworked.   After that I build a watch tower and hire max weaponthanes (even if I'm a Peace Clan).  Then I readjust crafting to give me a surplus of goods (for sacrificing for mysteries) and send out as many hunters as my land will support (I always begin with Huge Tracts, Much More Than Needed, so that's a lot).

      After that I start learning mysteries.  My first one is always Pathfinder.  My second is one of Uralda's blessings; I prefer Calf Blessing but I'll take Milk Blessing.  I can learn about three mysteries a year as long as I put full magic into it at Sacred Time, so I do that.  Once I have Pathfinder, I alternate sacrificing for mysteries and exploring, but I never send out my Bargainers; I know they're the best explorers but they're also the most valuable ring members I have.  I send out the elderly and those with lower skills.

      Meredith Dixon <dixonm@...>
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