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3688Re: [KoDP] 2 ring composition questions

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  • Bryan Thexton
    Jan 30, 2014
      I'm not sure that all of the advice can be read in a way other than 'pick me!'  I also don't know if it makes a functional difference in the game, or if those quirks only show personality traits that show up in the advice that they offer.  

      Although I do recall it being said at one point that the pro-woman and pro-man ones have something of a point...an overly unbalanced ring in gender terms hurting clan happiness I think.  So potentially having that 'fine families' or 'crafter' person on the ring might play a role in keeping various factions or the overall clan happy?

      On Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:22:51 AM, "list@..." <list@...> wrote:
      When building my ring at the start of a new game, one noble told me that I should add a crafter to the ring. I like crafters a lot, because they make goods, but which of the potential ring-gods is the god of crafters? I always pick Pella during clan creation, but nobles can't worship her.

      Also, several nobles said something about adding members from fine families to the ring. What does that mean?

      Peter Knutsen

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