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3675Re: [KoDP] Question about IOS version, exploration event

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  • Bryan Thexton
    Dec 24, 2012
      Use all the options, keep at it, they generally go away eventually, but they are always a pain to get rid of.

      From: Peter Knutsen <list@...>
      To: KingOfDragonPass@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2012 10:14:47 PM
      Subject: [KoDP] Question about IOS version, exploration event


      I bought the IOS version of KoDP some months ago, and have been playing if on and off. It's a very fun game, although sometimes a bit underdocumented. I'm learning, though.

      But one event bothers me. In many games, when exploring, I come across a cave full of scaly creatures that kill or injure horses. I can't seem to gain any benefit from this event, nor even to resolve it. The creatures keep re-occuring, even after I hire outsiders to cover the cave entrance up with stones, or have my Eurmal trickster sing the creatures away.

      So I'm basically asking for spoiler here, because it's a really annoying event. What to do?

      Peter Knutsen

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