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day can not be forgotten

I'm pleased that i'm writting to you this E-mail in this day ,in particular. This day remembers us all of the tragic terrorist event that took place in the
rachid elkhayma
Sep 10, 2002

The Illuminati Manifesto

The Illuminati Manifesto http://illuminatiorder.org/manifesto.htm Very powerful book!
Jun 5, 2002

Kids Share Hope Messages From Our Class

Students in my 2nd grade class saw the Kids Share Hope site after discussing a news article about the workers who are still cleaning up the aftermath of 9/11.
May 3, 2002

hope for kids of America

Dear children and adults of America I am 10 years old and from New Zealand and I am writing to say that I am so sorry for all the people that have lost loved
Mar 17, 2002

Dear Children of America!

Dear Children of America! The event that occurred last year on September was not a pleasant one. And I feel for u but I am just glad that I am to far away to
Mar 17, 2002

Hope for the world

Dear Children of the world. I may not know what exactly what happened on September 11th 2001 but I know how most people in USA most feel after losing loved one
Mar 17, 2002

Message From New Zealand

To the people of America I am totally devastated about the attack of your country although I don't live in your country so we don't get so many updates, and
Mar 17, 2002

september the 11th.

Dear friends & family of the victims. I feel devastated about the accidents that have happened in New York and Washington DC. As in New Zealand we heard about
Mar 17, 2002

My thoughts

Dear Children in America, I was devastated about September 11th I may not hurt as much as you do but trust me I did especially at the time when the twin towers
Mar 11, 2002

Happy & Peaceful New Year with Harmony

Dear Children and Parents! I would like to take the golden opportunity to greet you everyone on the eve of new year. Sorry, this is a late greetings, as I was
Arun-Kumar Tripathi
Jan 7, 2002

Friendly letter to Afghanistan children....Douglasville, Georgia, U

Dear children in Afghanistan, I'm sorry we are bombing up your land. Some people over there don`t like us and messed up some important buildings. It caused us
Dec 17, 2001

Messages of Hope - Tericka, Age 10, Miami, Fl U.S.A.

Dear Friend, I am sorry about what had happened in New York, Washington D.C, and in Pennsylvania. Well I lost two who died. They were my best, best friends.
Dec 13, 2001

Messages OF hope - Dante' USA 9 Years old Miami, Florida USA

Dear Friend, I'm sorry for what happened to your loved ones. Just look foward,don't look back.I know how you feel. My cousin died and my grandma and my uncle
Dec 13, 2001

Messages of hope - Keytron, Miami,Florida, USA

Dear Friend, You don't know me but my name is Keytron.I'm 8 years old and, I am in the third grade. I know you lost some people and I'm sorry. But whoever
Dec 13, 2001

Messages of Hope - Brittani 8 years old, Miami, Fl USA

Dear Friend, I hope you are all right. I send my condolences that your loved one died. You know that they are in a better place now and they are not
Dec 13, 2001
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