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129Kids Share Hope Messages From Our Class

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  • katrinande
    May 1, 2002
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      Students in my 2nd grade class saw the Kids Share Hope site after
      discussing a news article about the workers who are still cleaning up
      the aftermath of 9/11. They discussed the problems with having to
      clean up a mess you didn't make. They empathized with the workers
      and they wanted to post some encouraging messages of their own.

      We decided it would be easier to post them all in one message.

      To the workers cleaning up the mess in New York we say:

      -I love you. I hope you be safe. Tyra, Age 8

      -Thank you for changing the world and choosing to help. Quanesha, Age

      -I love you. Jamal, Age 8

      -I'm sorry about what happened. I love you. Jasmine, Age 7

      -I love you! Otis, Age 8

      -I'm sorry the buildings fell down. I love you. Chasity, Age 7

      -I hope you finish what you are working on soon. Raymond, Age 8

      -I love you! Ginger, Age 8

      -I's sorry those buildings fell. Javier, Age 7

      Thank you for allowing us to share our feelings and messages.
      K Anderson