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128hope for kids of America

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  • coralsa2001
    Mar 12, 2002
      Dear children and adults of America
      I am 10 years old and from New Zealand and I am writing to say that I
      am so sorry for all the people that have lost loved ones and family

      On the 11 of September when I first heard that the twin towers, the
      world trade center and the pentagon had been blowen up by the
      Afganistan pilots, I thought it was something someone made up, but
      now I know that it is not something made up, and not a big joke. So
      many people got killed and so many family's got torn apart.

      But I want you to know that your family members and friends are in a
      better place now
      So put all your bad memories behind you even though that might be
      hard and move on towards the future

      Yours sincerely Rachel New Zealand 10