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  • coralsa2001
    Mar 11, 2002
      Dear Children in America,

      I was devastated about September 11th I may not hurt as much as you
      do but trust me I did especially at the time when the twin towers
      were bombed.
      People should not have to go through with this we are all humans we
      live in the same World on Earth.
      In New Zealand Some Of Our men have gone to Afghanistan, Somebody has
      to let their father go to War. That brings to my next topic War who
      likes War? , Nobody that word makes us all moan.
      So why do people go to war for their country?
      There is a consequence for everybody when it comes to war. And the
      consequences for the terrorists are dying. There are consequences in
      everything Thing we do. The day On The 12th of September That very
      day I describe my feelings as tears in my eyes and a hole in my heart-
      I send all my wishes to America.

      Yours Sincerely,

      Coraleen, 11 years, New Zealand, Female