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107A Special Project from Canada

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  • rjacobson@rogers.com
    Nov 28, 2001
      Beverley Acres Public School is a single-track French Immersion
      school located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

      In response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, all students
      in grades 2 to 8 were asked to respond by writing or drawing
      something that could be published in a volume to raise funds for the
      Canadian Red Cross- USA Appeal Relief Fund.

      The goals were, through action, to reduce some of the stress that the
      children might be feeling, to allow our children to express their
      sorrow, sympathy and hope, and to share students' and staffs' hopes
      for the future.

      We are proud of the way the children could express themselves in both
      languages, especially considering that their instruction is in
      French, which is not their first language. This collection of a
      hundred works contains the wish of our entire school community for
      peace, and the hope that through unity and mutual respect, goodness
      will prevail.

      All money raised was donated to the Canadian Red Cross- USA Appeal
      Relief Fund. To date our school has raised over $3000 to provide
      relief to the victims of the September 11th tragedy. Our school
      board donated the printing and binding to make 500 copies.

      Copies have been distributed to municipal, educational, provincial,
      federal representatives of Canada and the USA.

      We know you will be inspired by this book and we wanted you to share
      our pride in this accomplishment.

      Please visit our website to view a short presentation based on "Le
      livre de la paix -- The Book of Peace"

      Rhonda Jacobson Cherry
      Patricia Zrihen,
      Beverley Acres Public School