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    As-Salaamu Alaikum, Dear Sisters & Brothers (and Moms & Dads!) in Islam: Bismillah Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem May this find you well-pleased with and well-pleasing
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      As-Salaamu Alaikum, Dear Sisters & Brothers (and Moms & Dads!) in Islam:

      Bismillah Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem

      May this find you well-pleased with and well-pleasing our Lord.  Ameen!

      I am humbled and excited to announce the "Grand Opening" of a fully interactive, educational and fun website for our Muslim children -- www.WeLoveIslam.com!!

      WeLoveIslam.com is based on characters from three soon-to-be-published (insha'Allah) children's books series for Muslims of all ages.  The characters are called "Your Muslim Pals" and include Amirah Kareem (a young girl living Islam in the West and struggling with issues our own kids go through), Mazzin the Moose (this friendly critter writes an advice column for kids -- see his debut in The Muslim Kids Journal at MKJournal.com) and Zaahir & Jamel the Camel (two friends who explore Islam through rhyme and games).

      These characters 'come-to-life' in the website, encouraging strong morals, values and love for Islam in the littlest members of the ummah ... our children.  Visit the site and experience over fifty original areas for Islamic exploration, education and participation, including:


      Mazzin the Moose's Righteous Readers Club selects a new book each month for all participants to read, discuss and learn from.  The books, while not always based on Muslims (these are difficult for kids to get their hands on due to cost and availability, unfortunately), nevertheless will always have Islamic values and story-lines from which many lessons can be drawn to enhance the morals of our youth.  Fun activities will be sent via email and special mini-contests will be held.  

      This month's example is "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" (a story about a boy who wins a trip to a chocolate factory and the values of sharing vs. the dangers of greed). Special activities include visiting websites about the history of chocolate and an activity page about Charlie & The Chocolate Factory designed by school children.

      MONTHLY CHATS with YOUR MUSLIM PALS (Amirah, Zaahir, Jamel & Mazzin)

      Every month, one of Your Muslim Pals will invite the participants to a moderated chat about an Islamic topic.  This gives the kids a chance to feel the 'reality' of the characters as they see how Amirah uses her sense of humor to get through tough spots, or how Zaahir & his best friend (a CAMEL!) explored Makkah together on their latest adventure to make the Hajj.  This is a way to build a relationship between the kids and the characters while strengthening their adaab and understanding of Islam.


      Contests include on-line Islamic quizzes & scavenger hunts, a hide-n-seek hidden link, finding what's new on the website, learning the 99 Names of Allah with Your Muslim Pals, essay writing, graphic designing ... many, many choices for all interests!

      Prizes range from stickers and books to personalized stories written about the winners!  Some contests are on-going for participation at any time and others are created new every month.


      This interactive list will inform, educate and unite the kids behind projects that every one will carry out in their own community at the same time.  For example, Your Muslim Pals will send out a letter saying June 2nd is "MUSLIM PALS GIVE CHARITY" Day ... the email will detail reasons from the Qur'an & Sunnah as to why charity is important and then offer ways that every child can make charity on the same day.  

      Through this group participation, our children will learn that no matter whether in India or America, they are part of the whole ummah and will, insha'Allah, really develop a sense of unity. The children will then write in with the results, share their stories with one another and qualify for prizes based upon their participation.  


      Islamically correct Clip-Art, Downloads, Links  *  Art Projects *  Sports Ideas *  Reading Room with tips on publishing for kids, starting a lending library in your mosque, Islamic read-a-thons, good book lists, et cetera * Printable Puzzles (GREAT for teachers & homeschool moms ... or just for a rainy day when your kids are stuck in side) * Manners reminders with related activities & stories * Kid Friendly Islamic Glossary * Easy Arabic * MORE, MORE, MORE!

      Please visit the site, share the link with others, put it on your own Muslim net-rings or websites and help our children find a fun and safe place to spend time where THEIR needs and THEIR identity and THEIR history and THEIR values and THEIR pride and THEIR dignity and THEIR religion are the focal points.   

      This site is always undergoing work and I appreciate all feedback.  Additionally, insha'Allah, I will be looking for some paid help to assist with the site if it takes off, Ya, Rabb!  If you are interested, please contact me directly from WeLoveIslam.com.  

      This is my effort and I pray that it is accepted first by our All-Mighty God and then by my beloved Muslims ... YOU and YOUR CHILDREN, my sisters and brothers in Islam.

      May the God of Peace gently shower us with His Loving Knowledge of our intentions, our actions, our love for Him Alone.  Ameen!

      Wa Alaikum As-Salaam,
      Sister Amatullah Al-Marwani
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