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4248Re: [KeroseneHeaterandStoveCollector] Duo-Therm 575-3 (barometric damper)

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  • Larry Hollenberg
    Feb 24, 2014
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      When I was looking for a new damper for my small Duo Therm I found that my local hardware store could order me one.  I found this online sears damper listing. It seems rather expensive though. Its not the standard blue steel or black steel type either, although you can paint stove pipe for oil heaters successfully using Engine Enamel.. 


      Here is a blue steel or black pipe type damper at a more reasonable rate.. Home depot, the may sell them in the stores or order them for you?   


      You can find more of them if you search the web.


      On Monday, February 24, 2014 10:15 PM, "truckstance@..." <truckstance@...> wrote:
      I everybody,
      I was just given a Duo-Therm 575-3, and it didn't come with a barometric damper. From reading of what you guys have said it is going to need one. It has a 4" exhaust, and I can't find one that size. What/Who would you recommend? 

      My set-up will be exiting straight out the back of the heater about 3' and then 90* (or I have 45*'s) vertical for about 8' or more if needed. Will this even require the damper, or might I be ok with-out? I am hoping to get this fired up in the next couple days.

      Thanks guys,

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